Korea MERS case of illness increases European head to show doubt to seem case continuously

Login register case of illness of MERS of Korea of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian to increase European head to show doubt to be like: of origin of case of illness continuously? Travel hill?2015-06-15 09:0Edition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 6 Http://www.mnw.cn/ channel

Local time on June 8, 2015, ministry of happiness and benefit of Korea health care is reported, middle east breath imposes this state integratedly (MERS) diagnose case of illness adds 23 newly that day, have 16 years old the teenager is sufferred from to go up by diagnose middle east breath is asked for integratedly, this is Korea discover 20 years old of the following diagnose case of illness first. Korea not the school of suspend class, guaze mask is worn to measure temperature before student class.

In report will occupy new network on June 15 outside intermediary report, breath of Korea middle east is asked for integratedly (MERS) diagnose patient is added 14 days to 145 people, inside add 7 case newly, among them 4 people are in hospital of SamSung head Er to be affected. The possibility that diffuses further considering virus increases, decision of hospital of SamSung head Er comes 14 days 24 days from this month, besides emergency, do not accept outpatient service and hospitalization.

In this at the same time, european Slovak churchyard citizen of a Korea was suspected to contract MERS virus, 13 days by urgent cure sending medical service, this rings alarm bell noisy to Europe.

Up to now, the patient of catch a disease of hospital of SamSung head Er is added to 71 people, 49% what take case of Korea total diagnose, mean this hospital to already was enclothed by MERS virus. For this, the Song Dynasty of dean of hospital of SamSung head Er is in 14 hold a press conference every day to people excuse, announce this hospital suspends outpatient service and hospitalization.

Up to 14 days, add in the diagnose patient of Korea to 145 people; Dead number increases to 15 people; Also be amounted to 5000 by segregation observer.

14 days in adding diagnose patient newly, one person is SamSung hospital doctor. He goes up 27 days month to see a doctor to other patient in emergency call room, the 14th patient also is in at that time that ward. This doctor appears 10 days this month high fever symptom, he was not labelled to keep apart an object before this, treated disease to two patients even.

Korea public opinion is right this makes condemnation, show this doctor is in a ward together with super peddler obviously, authorities did not label him however segregation observes an object, highlight hospital and wholesome authorities prevent accuse to have much neglect.

Before this, 13 days are affected by diagnose the personnel of convoy of room of SamSung hospital emergency call of MERS ever had had intimate contact with 216 people, after get about of this one message, samSung hospital already was criticized.

It is reported, the convoy personnel of room of this emergency call begins symptom of occurrence high fever 2 days this month, but he continues to work. In this process, he is in charge of moving send 76 patients, ever contacted closely with personnel of 216 medical treatment and patient.

On the other hand, in the MERS epidemic situation of Korea indulge in wilful persecution the likelihood spreads outwards, in Slovak capital Buladisila is sent, local hospital closes 13 days treated citizen of a Korea.

Cloth suddenly helps spokesman of Slovak

Ministry of Public Health affirm, doubt of a MERS is like a patient to be sent toward Buladisila to send an university accessary hospital undertakes keeping apart observation.

According to local media coverage, man of this 38 years old of Korea is Korea rises inferior the employee of the car. He arrives at Slovak 3 days, to northern city Rilina works, doubt of 13 days of occurrence MERS seems a symptom, immediately is turned to the hospital of the capital.

According to Buladisila accessary hospital spokesman discloses hair university, this Korea doubt is like disease to suffer from appeared diarrhoea, have a fever and symptom of skin pathological changes. But it is doubt is like a patient only at present, haemal sample s

ends a lab of Prague 13 days, blood test result wants late ability to decide.

This hospital established segregation ward technically, he and other patient departure. Before this, when he feels the body is unwell, most the hospital that goes to day of city establishing accept first has treated disease, authorities also adopted precautionary measures in this hospital subsequently.

Authorities is close also search for reach detect the crowd that has contacted with him, the hotel that lodges to him adopted precautionary measures.

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