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Xinhua net head Er on August 10 report (reporter Ji Xinlong) office of news of Korea department of defense confirms 10 days, xiang Yanping put Korea in controversy near the island that day " northward borderline " open fire, korea army undertook responding to sexual bombard.

News office official says to reporter of Xinhua News Agency in the phone, that day 13 when, korea garrison hears Korea direction transmits sound of prepare Chinese medicine by roasting it in a panbig gun, among them 1 deal with an offender is in " northward borderline " around. After Korea army is undertaking admonitory communication, at 14 when to " northward borderline " shot artillery shell of 3 hair K-9.

This official still shows, respect of the Korea after bombard happening does not have special tendercy, korea army

is in " look attentively at closely " .

Message of public figure of cite Korea government

said Korea combination news agency that day, korea has 1 to sent artillery shell to cross " northward borderline " , "But the case is not severe " , "Not quite clear belong to be shot by accident or do it of purpose " .

Current, korea government still is not had to this one incident make known one's position.

Bright peninsula of face Han hold office at court western the border of maritime space differentiates go up to be put in difference all the time. "Northward borderline " it is Korea is in include Yan Ping island inside " on the west the sea 5 islands " with Korea western between the coast the maritime boundary of one-sided set, korea does not grant to admit to this, and 1999 set than " northward borderline " more rely on the maritime boundary south. On November 23, 2010, toward Han Zaiyan area of level ground island produces mutual bombard event, both sides censures is the other side opens fire above all.

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 Sinuodeng's lawyer says to be able to be in Russia to monitor German case attest with respect to the United States

 Logging onto the high official that registers text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian to love to see play is good actor! Abstruse cling to did footman Fu ever gues-star: of origin of beautiful theatrical work? Qu Xian?2014-02-21 17:3Edition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 6 Http:// channel

The beautiful high official that loves to see play is good actor!

Abstruse cling to footman Fu is beautiful theatrical work is confused, still had gues-starred; of beautiful theatrical work to do obeisance to ascend genius of performance be havinged by assist

Aobama ever gues-starred beautiful theatrical work 2010 " gossip terminator "

The net austral Fujian dispatch is beautiful on Feburary 21 drama " card room " with Han drama " come from star you " be being held in both hands by heat of Chinese network audience, a lot of people not hesitate even stay up late seek theatrical work. Actually, a lot of politician, for instance abstruse cling to footman Fu is beautiful theatrical work is confused, and also do not reject to gues-star. 2012, the vice president before the United States is done obeisance to ascend in teleplay " park recreation " in the movie and TV that gives oneself " maiden show " , be had to perform endowment by assist. Politicians " get an electric shock " early not curious. Accompany increasing president, premier to join in the film, teleplay is made, people can'ts help plainting: Star politician is good actor mostly!

Do obeisance to ascend, Lai Si ever also gues-starred

American president Aobama ever gues-starred beautiful theatrical work 2010 " gossip terminator " . Pass editing and rearrangement, aobama is in the performance get sth done without any letup of this drama. Michelle ever also had a few times gues-star experience. March 2010, michelle is in cartoon " Xinpusen " in brief " appear " . Move free edition " Michelle " in Pianzhongyi body purple dress, wearing pearl necklace and earring, be exactly like her herself about. On June 13, 2011, michelle serves as gues-star a honored guest to be in the beauty drama " Aikali " in showed a face. March 2012, michelle appears in beautiful theatrical work again " thin body amounts to a person " in.

2011, lai Si of the Secretary of State before the United States also is in the beauty drama " I am comedy mad " in gues-starred. 2008, "God " because Ba Fei spy gues-stars soap opera " I all children " took 700 dollars remuneration. Hollywood science fiction piece " 2012 " in, shiwaxinge also showed the A Nuo · that American California bey holds the post of when face. The bey of giant star of this one's previous experience acts rising is handy more.

The person ever made up Saqieerfu to act oneself oneself

Man of simple of springlet of the premier before Japan participated in Aoteman film edition " the battle of big strange animal -- Aoteman is galactic and fabulous " make, for piece in regnant Aoteman is familial abstruse special king d

ub, become the first to take on the premier before the Japan of dub actor.

BBC TV station r

olls out drama " be, premier " going up century when 80 time broadcast, once caused accept visual field scale hotly, allegedly British assemblyman becomes warped even to watch this opera the class comes home. Because saw,be probably " be, premier " so large force, the talent wants the Saqieerfu that British premier holds the post of when gues-star this drama show. In news secretary Bernard Yinhaimu's help falls, herself holds a knife to be " be, premier " created a small play to act his. (the law is late)

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Layer of Qi of moralization ox mother forest all catch multicolored

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 U.S. Army B


Xinhua net is Mohammedan fort Pakistan Ministry of Foreign Affairs will say report 12 days on October 12, cling to premier state security and A Qici of external affairs adviser sent letter U.N. secretary-general that day Panjiwen, condemnation India makes conflict send a large number of civilian casualties in area of two countries border.

Say in the letter, from this month 1 day arrives 10 days, imprint just had started the operation that violates cease-fire agreement 42 times in all in border area, cause cling to square 52 12 civilian death, civilian and 9 Mingshi troops are wounded. Stem from self-defensive consideration, cling to square square to imprinting provoke behavior to give fight back, main

tained utmost at the same time exercise restraint.

A Qici says, cling to governmental sincerity hopes Yin Fangshen weighs a consideration, avoid condition out of control. Cling to just solve to peace cling to imprint the acceptance of the problem keeps changeless. Pakistan believes U.N. can be in facilitate main effect is produced in this one target.

Past a week is much, imprint cling to two countries is in Kashmir border land mutual bombard. Both sides criticises the other side destroyed cease-fire agreement each other. Imprint just say bombard causes 7 to imprint at least civilian death, 60 much people are injured.

After cent treated India and Pakistan 1947, two countries heretofo

re already erupted 3 times war, it is two to contend for Kashmir area among them. 2003, imprint cling to two countries government is taken in the actual control line of Kashmir area reach cease-fire agreement, but after this both sides criticises the other side violates cease-fire agreement for many times.

(Original title: Pakistan sends letter U.N. to condemn India to create border land conflict)


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Login register United States of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian to release horror to assault warns ISIS or start retaliation to assault origin: to the country such as beautiful Europe? Salary  ?2014-10-11 15:2Edition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 2 Http://

channel [summary] " Mohammedan country " the citizen of the relevant country that has appealed the proponent should be organized to participating in air attack launchs assault.

The United States releases horror to assault a warning, ISIS or launch assault to the country such as beautiful Europe

American the State Council releases a warning 10 days to say, horrible organization starts the possibility that retaliates sexual assault to increase to the western country such as the United States. The warning says, the citizen of the relevant country that organizes Mohammedan country to had appealed a proponent to should be organized to participating in air attack extremely launchs assault, no matter their body is in where. American government thinks all over the world, especially middle east, North Africa, Europe and Asia, the possibility that to the United States, west and affined and companionate country the target launchs revengeful sex to make a surprise attack is increasing.

Data chart: 911 horror make a surprise attack. International news morning paper: The United States releases horror to assault a warning

Alone couplet body peak can emphasize collaboration and safe issue

By a definite date a day alone meeting of board of head of state of couplet system country is held 10 days in Ming Sike of White Russia capital. Leader attending the meeting expresses, should be in cooperation is strengthened inside couplet body frame alone, take seriously solve safe problem. Beijing of Russia president general says, in the first direction that ma

ny sided is being begun to cooperate inside couplet body frame alone is Russian diplomacy. Alone the cooperative range inside couplet body and deepness year after year is increased, the cooperative achievement that cooperate in classics trade and strikes guilty aspect is outstanding.

The United States says Turkey agrees to support Syrian opposition

Ha Fu of spokesman of American the State Council expresses 10 days, through the negotiation of American ambassador-at-large and Turkey official, cubic meter of earth has agreed to help training and equipment Syria opposition, american department of defense will head for Turkey capital at appointing a working group next week Ankala discusses relevant matters concerned further. Ha Fu still says, in blow Mohammedan country on the problem, turkey besides take direct war action, still can provide assistance in many respects.

Mohammedan country puts to death an Iraqi reporter reachs its relative

Iraq installs personage of all door message 10 days to say to reporter of Xinhua News Agency, the extreme organizes Mohammedan country to was in that day Salaheding saves Yi north executed one is photographed reach its like the reporter 3 relatives. This message personage says, mohammedan country alleges Iraqi place TV station of 37 years old photographs whole like reporter Laadeazawei and its relative Xiang Yian group to tip off information, divulge the track of Mohammedan state armed member. Before a many month, armed element is irruptive in Azawei's home, kidnapped this reporter reachs his 3 relatives.

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Layer of Qi of moralization ox mother forest all catch multicolored

 Han intermediary: British company is decided personally for plute quantity " submarine hotel " (graph)

 上海千花女生自荐Before 3 foreign female reporters see Israel premier, be taken off by the requirement underwear installs check


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