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In report will occupy new network on June 10 outside intermediary report, french premier Waersi takes engine of jet official aircraft to head for Berlin, watch the total final of league matches of European football champion on the weekend, suffer each square violent attack.

The graph is French premier Waersi.

At first argue weighs French premier Waersi, he takes official chance, it is to should be headed for talk with Puladini of chairman of European football association; But be exploded to expect again later, he still is taking two sons to be the same as machine.

Waersi is league matches of European football champion is dead faithful fan, although French president Aolangde also is him to say apologetically, waersi has official business to want to discuss with Europe sufficient association really, and governmental official claims, take two sons to won't increase aviation to carry cost again more, but Waersi is fair implement illicit with already lifted numerous anger in France, and the likelihood makes labor reform of the government suffers an effect.

At present French unemployment rate is amounted to 10% , waersidi is discussed relax medium and small businesses advocate employ temporarily the deadline of employee, hope thereby raises obtain employment rate. But reach truly by a lot of criticism object. The attorney general before France says impolitely, waersi took off really to the domestic travel private plane of Berlin from Paris, but French obtain employment is led and did not rise accordingly. Many opposition demand cipher out go on a journey of this time of official machine spent Waersi how many money, beg Waersi even at the same time must from dig down paid this charge.

In French congress, waersi is in when be faced with opposition fleer, he appeals everybody puts the ce

ntral issue on important government affairs, did not hit saliva to battle again. But French media does not plan to let off him, answer in succession put Waersi will say to always not agree with last year in September the person of moral standard, answer nonofficeholding newsreel.

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