Han man digs pure steal and sell 100 thousand litres of oil is sentenced 4 years to punish 7.8 million yuan

According to Han Lian the company will report on June 3, head High Court adjudges Er 3 days, xu Mou is suspected of disobeying method of petroleum pipeline management and special larceny, the set term of imprisonment that be sentenced fines 1.4 billion Han 4 years a

t the same time yuan (add up to a RMB about 7.84 million yuan of) .

The petroleum pipeline way that Xu Mou discovered to company of big Han petroleum pipeline manages in November 2012 thes capital city and its environs the underground near Daopingze, took over the gas station of a deficit with 100 million yuan. Subsequently, he and steel oily expert cost 2 months to dig to grow wide each 1 a hole in the ground of rice, certained on petroleum pipeline 3 holes installed steel oily unit. I

n 9 subsequently months, purloin of 14 his accumulative total 100 thousand litres oil.

The court expresses in the court decision, this case commits the crime gimmick is bold and meticulous, involve amount tremendous, property is abominable. Oil value is very high, guilty suspect may cause petroleum pipeline to burst apart in filch process, fire and soil contamination, disaster reachs others statement, belongings and health.

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