The prolocutor before the United States is exposed to the sun to use 3.5 million dollar to cover " male action "

The word report of personage of information of quote of media of much home United States says, the prolocutor before the beautiful Boule that just sued a few days ago by check breaths out Siteerte to ever paid 3.5 million dollar to a male, in order to mask the improper sexual behavior of oneself.

This month 28 days, american check just announces to sue the Hasiteerte that is 73 years old, accuse its are violated for many times compasses carry now, provide false statement to the FBI. Say in the indictment, to make up for and mask misfeasance, bank of Home Ceng Congduo takes Hasiteerte now, to not the A personage of sign one's name offerred 3.5 million dollar.

" los angeles times " 29 days of cite two faceless federal execute the law the word report of sectional official says, the A personage in the indictment is a male. Two

people show, during improper sexual behavior of Hasiteerte happens at him to teach in high school of Er of Illinois York dimension, be not during holding the position of government service, also do not involve corrupt scandal. An official shows, hasiteerte and this male ever had produced sexual relationship. Another official still confirms, hasiteerte ever had undertaken a gender invade to this male.

The message that comes from countrywide Broadcasting Corporation says, this male ever was a student of high school of Yor

k dimension Er.

Came 1965 between 1981, the teacher of a history that Hasiteerte ever was high school of York dimension Er and tumble coach. High school of York dimension Er makes a statement 29 days say, not witting Hasiteerte has any misfeasance during teach.

Breath out him Siteerte to have not make a response to this matter. His nephew Charles breaths out Siteerte to express, hasiteerte is a honesty, clean person, the accusation that is aimed at him is probable it is witch-hunting.

Hasiteerte came 1999 beautiful Boule prolocutor is held the position of between 2007, the Ceng Zaihua after leaving off one's post fills pausing go canvassing company to hold a post. (Be over)

(Original title: The prolocutor before the United States is exposed to the sun to use 3.5 million dollar to mask improper sexual behavior)

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