Laos every phenomenon turns over boat accident to send 10 pupil to be missing the reason is serious overload

Xinhua net every phenomenon on May 26 report (reporter Rong Zhongxia) Laos capital every phenomenon produces ferry capsize accident 26 days one case, bring about 10 pupil to be missing.

Accident happening makes an appointment with 60 kilometers in downtown of distance every phenomenon cling to on river of the Russia austral Russian county, reason crossing a ship is serious overload.

Local police says, early that day 7 when make 30 minutes, before student of 35 5 grade takes a small-sized ferry boat with 4 teachers, an elementary school of local is gone to thither to take an examination. The largest amount carrying a passenger is this boat only 15 people, serious surchage causes ferry to be in capsize in fluvial center. After accident happening, all round the villager is car

ried out in time come to help, help a teacher and partial student. When distributing news dispatches up to the reporter, still 10 pupil are missing, include 8 schoolgirls and two man students. At present the job that rescue still is undertaking.

Police expresses, all passengers on the ferry when accident happening all did not wear life jacket.

Laos is located in tropics, the river is numerous, but infrastructure is relatively backward, bridge is less, maj

ority of dweller of fluvial two sides needs to pass ferry come-and-go two sides. Because local safety administration is lax,reach safe consciousness not strong, overweighted phenomenon produces ferry from time to tome.

(original title: Laos turns over boat accident to send 10 pupil to be missing)

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