Because Mexico cancels project of Gao Tiezhong mark to be about to reimburse Chinese company 8.1 million

China News Service rests Si Dui the item of Gao Tiezhong mark that report will involve 3.75 billion dollar because of cancelling on May 22, mexican government plan is compensated for to Chinese enterprise 20 million than all alone (add up to) of 1.31 million dollar, 8.1 million RMB about, authorities had built the contest mark cost of the company to undertake an analysis to Chinese iron.

According to Reuter report, youliliyamasikete of undersecretary of Mexican traffic Department of Transportation (YuririaMascott) expresses, the relevant law section of Chinese ink government is evaluating Chinese iron to build referred claim for compensation to apply for. Legal group beforehand appraise indemnity is close 20 million than all alone, in because

keep secret the regulation is reached,still discussing claim for compensation to apply for a process, still cannot disclose specific amount.

Join capital Mexico city and manufacturing industry

center project of Gao Tie of this 210 kilometers, involve amount 3.75 billion dollar, it is project of railroad of high speed of the first latin america, also be Mexico up to now the biggest infrastructure project. This Gao Tie predicts speed per hour amounts to 300 kilometers, carry a passenger everyday 27000 person-time, can create post of 20 thousand direct obtain employment.

Before serving as date of expiration, bid exclusively square, what Chinese iron builds Inc. to present as leading role is medium group of Chinese ink industry on November 3, 2014 contest bid succeeds. But after 3 days, mexican authorities with contest bid process open to question for announce cancel wins the bid result.

This year in January the middle ten days of a month, mexican government restarts invite public bidding plans the 2nd times, but lunar base announces namely, because global oil price drops, force a government to cut budget of public 2015 project nearly 3% , the Mexican city that just starts afresh to Keleidaluo invite public bidding of tall iron project is laid aside till the cows come home. Chinese ink just affirms before, 5 companies that include Chinese company, Xi Menzi, Pang Badi, A Ersi to be connected inside are participated in of purpose new round of invite public bidding.

Mexican traffic Department of Transportation will confirm this year in Feburary, iron is built in the last ten-day of a month already submitted formal document to Mexico this year in January, stop to Mo Fang build tall iron be related to raise claim for compensation.

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