Australia of abscond of British wanted criminal changes body international famous model and gabby singer

Stage intermediary says, england a wanted criminal at 2008, because be suspected of the accusation such as bilk, theft and Tibetan instrument be arrested, but he is abandoned however,protect abscond to Australia, live 6 years with anonym, hold the position of the international such as Calvin Klein, Tom Ford, Nike even well-known trademark model.

Taiwan combines news network to will report on May 22, line newspaper is acquired before British police is early, hear of he hides after London, clever play the part of model intermediate interpose, set bureau arrest him.

Feibeileixima of 30 years old (Ben Fiberesima) in September 2008, be reached in false checkbook of the ferret in abode, tear bom

b by London police electric gun. Yuan should appear in court Maque abscond reachs the phenanthrene shellfish thunder that accepts judgement on the west surely Australia, continue to live with anonym Roky Million, he with stocky figure, bold hold the position of a lot of international the model of well-known trademark.

Broker company says, feibeileixima still is a gabby singer, next champion are taken in many matches, and the autobiography was published last year, share the experience that oneself turn over successfully 7 this years.

The people that has sharp-eyed discovers he is the identity of escaped criminal, inform against to police, police designs a fraud, sham manufacturer, claim to want to invite him to film the swimsuit is illuminated, after Beileixima is ch

eated to answer England, then phenanthrene suffers police arrest namely.

British court ruled Feibeileixima is multinomial a few days ago the accusation such as bilk, theft and Tibetan instrument, put in prison 3 years 9 0 months.

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