Fisher of media coverage China sinks by Indonesian blast the Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Checking

International is online message: According to the report, 20 days, indonesian respect flee in terrorfry in deep fat or oil is heavy 41 foreign fisher that are suspected of catching illegally, these fi

sher come from the country such as guest of law of He Fei of China, Vietnam, Thailand. Hong Lei of spokesman o

f Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs expresses on 21 days of routine press conferences that hold in Beijing, just be being checked in and the requirement is Indonesian just make at this point clear, just express to be deeply concerned badly to concerning a report in, had put forward to ask to give to Indonesian respect clear. We also concern a situation in farther understanding. Indonesian fishery collaboration is the main component that bilateral mutual benefit cooperates in. We hope Indonesian respect can be advanced constructively all the time in Indonesian fishery cooperates, the lawful and legitimate rights and interests of enterprise of cogent safeguard China.

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