35 thousand person holds Japanese Okinawa county 17 days assembly protest builds U.S. Army base

According to Singapore " associated morning paper " will report on May 17, 35 thousand person holds Okinawa county 17 days congress, government of remonstrant day beautiful two countries in Okinawa the Bian Ye ancient area of

this island builds new U.S. A

rmy base.

According to coverage of Japanese news network, okinawa county knows job father in law to grow male annals to appeal on congress prefectural civilian does not succumb the pressure at the government, want determined boycott to remove the base between day of U.S. Army general Bian Ye ancient area. He says, the government stresses Bian Ye ancient area is only alternative, this is absolutely flagrant, those who say this word is politics is degenerate.

The county that attends plenary meeting civilian shout object build Bian Ye we are ancient base, absolutely won't succumb wait for catchword, applause the resolution that passed a requirement to shut and withdraw the base between general day from Okinawa.

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