Japan is again " divine wind accuses a group especially " explain involuntary discharge of urine claims: Remember the battle is bitter

Login register Japan of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian to be again " divine wind accuses a group especially " explain involuntary discharge of urine claims: Remember the battle is bitter origin: ? Salary  ?2015-05-15 08:5Edition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 0 Http://www.mnw.cn/ channel [summary] " divine wind accuses a group especially " be spirit of Japanese militarism, bushido is reincarnate

Report will occupy xinhua net Beijing on May 14 end of client of Xin Huaguo border reports Xinhua News Agency, city of a poetic name of China austral Japan knows to see Ding, it is Japan of later period of Pacific Ocean war go up to with one action redeems Okinawa war inferior position and spread out human history unprecedented suicidal type atttacks fight base. On 1000 Japan young people that have enthusiastic militarism idea set out from here, driving to lade only the opportunity for combat of one-way fuel, oath and enemy perish together.

Be located in south of a poetic name of China know to see attack peaceful guild hall especially, collected the hangover of about 14 thousand perdue, and should be full of jade two years for these continuously the material application world of the word remembers broken, faithful gentleman bequest, cause world each country to react strongly.

Pass level of warlike miserable intense to common people to prove he is pure only, avoid similar tragedy to happen again, frost of mayor of a poetic name of China gives collate south gentle the foreign reporter club that memorial hall staff member is in Tokyo 13 days afternoon holds a press conference.

The graph studies picture of team team member especially for alleged god wind (Xinhua News Agency is sent)

Press conference at the beginning, day square personnel does his utmost to wash white oneself: 70 years past, keep the person about that paragraph of bitter memory is less and less. To share the document data that records this paragraph of extraordinary history with the world, let it can remind world each country, descendants forever of people war bitter, maintain world peace, we decide to apply for to log onto U.N. Educational world to remember bequest project for its, not be for beautification, rationalize god wind studies team history especially absolutely.

Be in next in declaring, south mayor of a poetic name of China goes up with what know to see a guild hall wild get the better of Langyou for many times to reiterate above content, make clear oneself and declare world culture bequest recently bright treat Industrial Revolution relics to differ, and the requirement joins the international media of the meeting add conduct propaganda more, with giving up the misgive of country of other war fall victim is mixed anxious. Spot reporter tells Xin Huaguo border client is carried, must admit, their manner is condescending, one's words is earnest, can say have a glib tongue even, quite some puzzle quality. However, arrive query link, face the biting query of foreign country and many native reporter, they are immersed in again and again however silent.

The divine wind that in knowing to see a guild hall, exhibits studies posthumous writings of team team member especially (left) content is full of jade broken, faithful gentleman word, what Shenwei uses a letter or note left by one immediately before d

eath in material (right) special however choose softhearted a letter from home (reporter of Xinhua News Agency is photographed)

Q1: England " peaceful interview person newspaper " the reporter quizs above all. He says

, oneself ever had looked around to know to see a guild hall, but impression and sponsor what what just publicize today not identical. In the literal specification that I remember memorial hall, allude without one place warlike horror. After looking around, I feel this is a tragedy really, but (the sacrifice that accuses team member especially) the impression that leaves exalted, great even death to the person however.

He asks to sponsor square explanation deviation of two kinds of impressional, latter explanation is very far-fetched however. Sponsor just say, regard a peace as memorial hall, knowing the main purpose that sees a guild hall is what should deliver peace to people is commendable, in explaining showpiece so, emphasize behaved this. From read air man people posthumous papers, we can experience warlike horror. If everybody has doubt to this, we can be improved later.

Q2: A German reporter asks, the war should avoid of course, but who ought to be in charge of for the war also not should by oversight, this is in know to see did not reflect however in the guild hall come out. I think, to produce such tragedy no longer, should make clear warlike origin, who ought to be in charge of for the war, and avoid sincerely produce similar battle again.

To this, sponsor square terribly to reply curtly: We are not in the position that ought to answer your question about warlike responsibility.

Western reporter quizs on the press conference (reporter of Xinhua News Agency is photographed)

Q3: A Scotland reporter asks, the international peace center that is located in Japanese Osaka issues the political pressure of thorough by force of Osaka mayor bridge, removed the item on display that records Japanese aggressive history, adapted to reveal a specification. Face future to count year of Japan Right deviation to turn the pressure of trend and government, even if knows to see a guild hall do not think beautification war, how does guarantee against become governmental tool?

Sponsorring just is this very know how things stand and feel confident of handling them is angry, claim: This is our peaceful guild hall, this is our principle, although we face the pressure that comes from administration, regular also meeting holds to original intention.

Q4: Associated press reporter asks: It is dangerous that the everybody that you are present understands his, know to see a guild hall can be used by a few people namely, make the tool of beautification war, why to want to risking such doubt and risk, insist to apply for the world to remember bequest for its. The means so much that publicizes now, gregarious network also very develop, can use Youtube completely, these Twitter platform are publicized.

Sponsor Fang Zhenzhen to word ground says, they can control its trend. Hold to application, because the world remembers bequest is a government, justice to approbate,be, once apply for to succeed, can obtain more to approbate, also can let more person understanding know to see a guild hall. Besides remembers the sort of bequest to have a lot of kinds, had had, happy, also have miserable, pungent, these need to be withheld to come down.

The miserable situation after divine wind attacks a team to make a surprise attack especially (picture origin: Internet)

Q5: Free contributor of a Japan says, at present Mohammedan country also is undertaking the gender assaults an activity suicidal, a lot of youths are full of of warm blood publicize language brainwashing and devote into among them. Know to see a guild hall recieve a lot of students that have repairing learning a journey every year, how can you assure these youths not by those air man people those who stay be full of agitative speech to drive? Can such exhibition have peaceful effect really?

Sponsor just say: You ought to look really to our memorial hall. I believe, will not see the person that pass, the likelihood cannot understand us to want what to communicate truly. But once had come, through reading these letter, master skill data, won't have such worry.

Q6: A Japanese reporter asks, how look upon China with same argument, does for Nanjing massacre the relevant historical data of He Weian Fu apply for the world to remember bequest?

Sponsor just say, if these data authenticity are able to affirm, application does not have a problem of course.

Know to see a guild hall reporter of wild answer success man quizs on curator (reporter of Xinhua News Agency is photographed)

Spot reporter tells Xin Huaguo border client is carried, had looked around to know to see a lot of people of the guild hall, can get with a few west reporters similar impression: Although it is banner with peace, dry is the thing that is militaristic call back the spirit of the dead however, harbour intentions is doubtful. In this peace guild hall, accuse team member especially by hero of fashion into pathos, their achievement, not only cannot inspire the people to review a war, the compassion that can cause pair of perdue instead adores even.

Investigate its are essential, depend on Japan ably promiscuous seeing and hearing, him aggrandizement the figure of warlike victim, desalt escapes him to start warlike responsibility even. Mayor of a poetic name of China is mixed south the goal that keep on saying of memorial hall staff member says him Shen Wei is not to be beautification war, so the person that why has been to, is great majority having such feeling however?

Well-known, divine wind accuses a group especially is spirit of Japanese militarism, bushido is reincarnate, it is Japanese aggression in the war hard evasive one page, should be come down by true record of course. Just, was short of admit liability of aggressive history, genuine introspection this premise, it can reduce Japanese right wing to give the people the tool of brainwashing only. (reporter Zhu Chao, edit Gao Jie, client of Xin Huaguo border carries a story)

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