The United States will be in Japan native land deploy " osprey " final in all deploy 10

In report will occupy new network on May 10 Japanese media coverage, american government official discloses 9 days, the base of U.S. Army horizontal cropland that the United States already decided to since 2017 v/arc be on the throne gives birth to city at Tokyo blessing deploy is new-style conveyor CV-22 osprey.

The report says, this will be the U.S. Army is in Japan first osprey of native land deploy, plan disposition the first year 3, achieve 10 finally. Be located in Okinawa county the U.S. Army of and other places of Ding of fine hand accept base of fine hand accept ever also was deploy is awaited choose the ground, but because be located in this county appropriate,the airport between the general day of wild bay city will remove a Bian Ye that protect city is ancient, the United

States just thinks to should avoid to increase a burden to Okinawa base.

Personage of message of day bea

utiful diplomacy discloses, the United States will be in Japan the most quickly time relays this decision formally 12 days to Japanese government, two countries government will announce a plan subsequently.

Although Japanese government has the local government of periphery of sidelong cropland base whether explain and can affect an environment to launch investigation with respect to osprey deploy, but this decision or the opposition that will suffer local government and dweller, harmonious fear receiving block.

The U.S. Army already was between the general day of Okinawa county the MV-22 osprey of 24 Marine Corpses begins airport deploy use, this county requirement moves all osprey the county outside. CV-22 is used at army of air force special type to begin search and rescuing task, often undertake below the slashing condition such as low altitude flight. According to saying, CV-22 is taller than MV-22 accident rate.

The day beautiful minister of foreign affairs that beautiful Fang Cengxi looks at to the last ten-day of a month will be held in new York in April and prevent grow attended security negotiation committee (the news in osprey of deploy of ground of horizontal Tian Ji is announced on 2+2) conference, but ask just because of day and cancel.

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