Reds' Bryan Price is 'sorry for the choice of words' during rant

Baseball Reds manager Bryan Price used the F-word 77 times in five minutes and 34 seconds during a rant Monday night, and for that, he is sorry.Bryan Price – “In my pre-game conversation with reporters yesterday, I used wholly inappropriate language to describe....— Cincinnati Reds (@Reds) April 21, 2015.... the media coverage of our team. While I stand by the content of my message, I am sorry for the choice of words.”— Cincinnati Reds (@Reds) April 21, 2015He stands by the content of his message, which, once you get by the expletives, was basically telling the media to back off. He was upset with the fact that the media was trying to get information about

the team, or in other words, doing its job. Bryan Price "stands by the content" of his message? F**, dude, the content was more problematic than the cussin'— Craig Calcaterra (@craigcalcaterra) April 21, 2015The tirade he had was during an exchange with Cincinnati Enquirer's C. Trent Rosecrans, a beat reporter for the Reds. He was wondering about the absence of catcher Devin Mesoraco and Price didn't want to reveal that information as it could benefit opposing teams.Rosecrans has a transcript of his conversation with Price on the Enquirer's website. MORE: Listen to the censored audio from Deadspin below. We still, however, have to caution listeners about the inappropriate language. Those beeps only do so much.

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