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龙凤419贵族宝贝Vietnam sea prevents city on fire of one shoe factory is deadly 21 people of 17 people are weighed



Occupy Afp 10 days to report, 9 Tibetan people that enter a country illegally were in that day Nepalese Jiademan b

ecause be engaged in " instead China behavior " by the Buddhist nun police is arrested.

Afp says, at that time a few enter a country illegally Tibetan person appears in China to be stationed in

Nepalese diplomatic mission around, the brandish in the hand is worn " Tibet alone " banner, halloo catchword. About 30 Nepalese polices were carried out to them capture. Because March 10 is Tibet,arm revolting " memorial " , nepalese police and safe personnel expedite 1000 people, strengthened in Jiademan safety precaution.

Nepalese police spokesman expresses, in this 9 people, 4 people are engaged in turning over by suspicion China behavior, additionally 5 people were participated in instead China processional. (Wang Xiaoxiong of round-the-world times reporter)

(Original title: Police arrests the Buddhist nun 9 are engaged in " instead China behavior " " Tibet alone " element)

 Assault of horror of sand spy the eastpart part sends 7 people to die is " Mohammedan country " the organization is

Iranian nucleus scientist censures the United States by speaker of shoot dead parliament in order to be a murderer

 France and sand special or sign to Lebanon carry weapon contract aids his to defend safety


According to Malaysia " Oriental daily " report, le Ling's personage is in Malaysia foreign citizen of Chinese origin after producing slight traffic accident to report a case to the security authorities, enforce with humble utterance however by police station official investigation is assisted toward the police station before him, after the victim is being scolded several times, below some collection conversational evidence reports a case to the security authorities, requirement police thorough investigates a case.

Victim Wu Xin and (63 years old, emeritus personage) point out, he 4 days in the morning 11 when when successful garden removes a car, produce slight collision with driver of a taxi, after bilateral agreement, facilitate the policeman bureau that headed for the ave that bring country that day reports a case to the security authorities.

He says, check case police officer at that time and not attendant, he leaves reason telephone number, so that till,police and he contacts; after 3 days, a police officer is called grant investigation is assisted toward the police station before he asks. "Nevertheless, I am outer at that time at general affairs, express to him will in the late evening 8 to 9 when head for police station; unexpectedly, grand city died because of earth that day and whole town big traffic jam, I stir incident only report grants excuse of this police officer, and ask change the date. And ask change the date..

His add says, he is arrived at live dial report to give this police officer the apology again, unexpectedly the other side still does not change humble mood to treat, more the utterance with minatory composition, go to compulsively before him police station. "Actually, that evening my body feels unwell, method of coronary artery intervening treatment ever had before Jiashangzhi, unfavorable; alone the other side goes out to did not show sympathy not only after taking drug, become aggravated instead, the thick opening that uses each language scolds me. The thick opening that uses each language scolds me..

He says, about in the evening 10 when make 30 minutes, after he takes medicaments, this police officer once more incoming telegram, more wait for with a large number of wide mouth photographs.

In, the other side with " Chinese pig " (Cina Babi) is abuse, your victim feels malcontent, and use mobile phone collection to fall to speak at that time, be in at 12 days broadleaf plant of Chen Guowei of congressman bilking an area accompany below, toward An Bang constabulary headquarters reports a case to the security authorities before.

"This is a common traffic accident accident only, why the other side tries all the time up to is like threatening utterance, before wanting me, go to forcedly by force police station? Before wanting me, go to forcedly by force police station??

Hurried discharge is broken duty police officer

Chen Guowei points out, he already with An Bang alarm Director Ou gets in touch, requirement police gives attention; not to pass, be based on a case to happen at garden of broadleaf plant Lai Meida, reason police asks past broadleaf plant bilks constabulary headquarters to report a case to the security authorities before the victim.

His speak bluntly, constabulary post protects people's safety namely, be have discipline, curator execute the law group, unexpectedly afore-mentioned cases, the practice that reveals this police officer however is just as a rogue. "Police treats people with this kind of mood, make me feel regretful, and this kind of behavior also absolutely cannot appeasement, because of look upon of severity of this my hope police, ask royal police pays close attention to, this police officer can spread out uncover investigation acts. This police officer can spread out uncover investigation a


"My hurried asks police can discharge outside this irresponsible fuzz, the government also should adopt law to act, like cite incendiary law investigates a case, ensure similar incident repeats no longer. Ensure similar incident repeats no longer..

In addition, he also appeals, ever

y suffers fuzz or governmental personnel humble or break duty the public that waits for, come out boldly, be aimed at the incident that oneself encounter, put on record to police.

(Original title: Old man of old horse foreign citizen of Chinese origin meets with the police officer is abuse " Chinese pig " report a case to the security authorities after recording)


 Service of provide for the aged of attention spring city makes happy and senile living

The net austral Fujian rolls out special subject report, the form such as to in an attem

pt to, article, video, show fontal st
ate filling career of neat provide for the aged is brief board, promotion provide for the aged is taken

Login register Japan of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian is case of suicide of one company president checked to be homicide college associate professor to be arrested origin: ? Be not Nao?2014-04-08 16:3Edition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 5 Http://www.mnw.cn/ channel [summary] Japan loves to know a county, guilty suspect is long wild associate professor of college of the Beijing in brightness husband Ceng Ren, already was arrested now.

Data chart

According to Japan " produce classics news " will report on April 8, knew prefectural happening in love 2012 " incident of suicide of hydrogen of company president vulcanization " the fact that be found out is homicide, what guilty suspect is associate professor of college of the Beijing in Ceng Ren is long wild brightness husband, already was arrested now.

Name of the de

ad in this incident is in charge of for small Yuan Yang (41 years old of) , died because of inspiratory vulcanization hydrogen on January 30, 2012, before dying, city of prefectural abundant bridge knows to manage an enterprise to consult a company in love. According to on April 8, 2014 " produce classics news " the understanding when the reporter is interviewed, incident investigates personnel to discover in obtain evidence, the suspect is long wild in this " president suicide incident " before happening, ever bought the scour that can produce a vulcanization hydro
gen gas and the agent that enter bath. Besides, he still is found out appear inside abundant bridge city at driving when the day is not light still that day. Police suspicion is long wild at 30 days of before dawn, inside the hire car that parks on district of abundant bridge city, produce a vulcanization hydrogen gas, make sit in deputy driving management the president of advisory company of a company is inspiratory and poisonous gas, kill its.

Police is in the pail traditional Chinese clothes of discovery to have the liquid that contains scour part in the backlash of the car, and via examining the vulcanization hydrogen gas that there is Gao Nong to spend inside the car. 30 days midday, police discovered Xiaoyuan's body, be in later the before in ransacking, discovering its are dead, writes down word of its residence: "Pretend the homicide that commits suicide into vulcanization hydrogen, with long wild about. " (round-the-world net exercitation compiles: Zhao Yue goes over a manuscript or draft: Wang Huan)

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Layer of Qi of moralization ox mother forest all catch multicolored

 India is arisen " rice bucket is challenged " eliminate hunger to donate a pail of rice to the poor


Energy minister is in Saierweiya when inspecting, in be being broken by one heavy ice cu

be, helmet craze, fortunately his head did n
ot get hurt.

It is reported, this ice cube hefts 3 kilograms.


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