Warriors star Kevin Durant didn't lace up his sneakers Monday night for Golden State in Game 4 of the Western Conference finals, as he is still dealing with a calf injury he suffered against the Rockets in the second round. 

But that doesn't mean he took the day off from challenging opponents on social media.

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Durant has developed a bit of a reputation the past few years for being sensitive to criticism on Twitter, whether it be responding from burner accounts or his own personal account. His latest incident came Monday afternoon in response to a radio segment from Fox Sports' Chris Broussard.

In the segment, Broussard questioned the significance of Durant's two titles in Golden State should the Warriors

go on to win this year's championship without him, saying, "Kevin Durant's worst nightmare is coming true."

Durant didn't take too kindly to the question, and he hopped on Twitter to respond. (Warriors forward Andre Iguodala also came to Durant's defense.)

The response, of course, quickly brought out numerous Twitter trolls. Durant had something to say to them, too.

While Durant was pretty quiet throughout much of the 2018-19 season, his injury has apparently given him ample time to spend on Twitter. Following the Warriors' win over Portland on Saturday — their 30th win in the last 31 games that Stephen Curry has played without Durant — Durant fired back at a fan for being "divisive."

And a day earlier he responded "hell no" to a graphic on Instagram with a quote from Trail Blazers guard Seth Curry saying the Warriors are "harder to guard" without Durant.

Drama aside, the Warriors managed to close out the Western Conference finals with a sweep, giving Durant more than a week to heal until the NBA Finals tip off on May 30.