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上海贵人千花网Login register text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian to accept Beijing of general of CCTV reporter special interview to say to retire won't go performing film origin: ? Qu Xian?2014-01-20 09:5Edition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 9 Http://www.mnw.cn/ channel

General Beijing embraces water all beneficial (CCTV cut pursues)

When Russia alls alone agree Olympic Winter Games is about to kick off, should bureau of Russia president news invites, come from 6 media of the whole world, in all alone contract work pulled ski center 17 days to undertake associated interviewing to Beijing of Russia president general. As get invited Asian medium exclusively, the reporter water of the CCTV all beneficial, communicated face-to-face with general Beijing concerned Olympic Winter Games, medium the problem of a lot of heat such as Russian relation.

About fearing instead:

"Terrorist is worst convict "

Russia of not long ago produced horrible assault two cases, security of Olympic Winter Games became the central issue that numerous place fixes eyes upon. Terrorist of the bitterly attack when general Beijing responds to pertinent question is bloodsucking, it is worst convict, a bit does not care human life! General Beijing expresses to will go all lengths ensure the safety of player and tourist.

Can deny in respect of Russia be askinged about those who adopt more severe security measure to assure Olympic Winter Games of all alone agree is normal when holding, general Beijing expresses: "I do not hope the guilty phenomenon such as those horrible assault affects these (sports) activity, because if we allow ourselves,show weakness, show fear, let others see our fear, that means us is to helping these terrorist, achieve their goal... of course, as sponsor square, what the tourist that attends great event of Yo of this an organic whole comes before our task should ensure the player of the Olympic Winter Games is mixed namely is safe, we go all lengths certainly finish this job. We go all lengths certainly finish this job..

About retiring:

"Retired to want to do favorite

thing "

When expressing him to have freeboard person to enrage between Chinese netizen to general Beijing when CCTV reporter, general Beijing expresses, oneself do not feel accident.

Water all increase says, some Chinese netizens want to know you had missed the life after retiring, if retire, they suggest, very because you are long very handsome, handsome, might as well a film that performs an a tough guy.

General Beijing says: "This but may not, perhaps I can hit ice ball, should know our not long ago founded the Russia NHL of ourselves -- ice hockey federation, nevertheless it does not cry ' country (federation of National) ice hockey ' , cry however ' night (federation of Night) ice hockey ' , always the blame professional of 40 years old of above can play a ball game here. Two years half previously, I am wearing skate to stand not to stand, nevertheless now, you also saw, I had tried to make up in ice appearance, this ability is the thing that I like. If one day I retired, then I must do me to like the thing that do. Then I must do me to like the thing that do..

A tough guy general Beijing from time to time to the world " beautiful muscle " , all of ski, judo, ice hockey, racing bicycle is perfectness. So how does he carry a figure? General Beijing states he is done not have " panacea " , do not eat too much to go, say like Russia fo

lk common saying, "One pecks rice, the hen fills full belly " . General Beijing still discloses, he wants on 1000 meters to swim everyday almost!

Interview titbits

General Beijing gives CCTV the reporter

An accident hug

Before pressing, agree, 6 media reporter quizs by turns, if the query separates the 6 sides such as problem of topic of the relation that is problem of construction of foundation of security, Olympic Winter Games, human rights, Russia and Olympic Games, sports and general Beijing individual probably, inscribe. In covering a process, general Beijing clothing is light, to western reporter very the problem of artful also undertook be solutioned in detail one by one or explain.

Visitting the site, general Beijing still is laughing at pair of water all increase says: It is better to change tea change tea into Maotai. General Beijing returns memory to express, in him birthday that day, still drank dot vodka together with Xi Jinping, two people resemble an undergraduate same, still ate sandwich. Answering water all when beneficial quizs, general Beijing thanks China particularly, the Russia in emphasizing is a good friend, it is strategic associate. After interviewing an end jointly, russia just arranges every media reporter and general Beijing to be outdoor again had alone talk 5 minutes. Water all beneficial is unscrambled say, general Beijing is to think outward bound passes a kind of information, all alone agree Olympic Winter Games is met certainly namely very successful, russia is a big country that bear the blame. General Beijing returned an unexpectedly to give water all beneficial leaves " gift " -- hug.

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Layer of Qi of moralization ox mother forest all catch multicolored



According to website of Korea News Y on Feburary 13 message, an investigation shows Korea, korea people is installed to Japanese premier the good impression of 3 spends times advance to drop quickly, with Korea top leader Jin Zhengen is 0.99 minutes together (full marks is 10 minutes of) . In periphery and relevant country leader, american president Aobamade arrives 6.21 minutes.

Academy of policy of high

mountain hill commended survey company in January with Korea 1000 grown men and womens had this investigation for the object. Korea people made 1.65 minutes are when investigation in July 2013 to installing the good impression of times to spend, will be 1.43 minutes in November. 2013 end, install the times opposition that disregards international society organized body of mind of country of pacify of pay homage to, make Korea people right its good impression is spent drop to 1 minute the following.

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lices of meat in boiling water

 Login install to register text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian times visit imprint " break money " is meaning of large sheet of autograph army carry out in contend China [graph] origin: ? Qu Xian?2014-01-26 11:5Edition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 0 Http://www.mnw.cn/ channel

How times visit imprint " break money " large sheet of autograph army carry out

To imprint the intermediary outside offerring; of loan of low interest of 210 billion yen says, meaning in pull imprint check China


ata chart

Dispatch occupied the net austral Fujian on January 26 outside intermediary reports 25 days, japanese premier brings times advance 3 launch diplomatic offensive again, 25 days have pair of visits that India spreads out by a definite date 3 days, with imprint premier Xin Ge meets, with " advocate guest " the identity attends Indian republic day celebration.

The report says, install times visit to will sign Japan 40 years to come to first abroad agreement of army carry out, offer 210 billion yen to India at the same time (add up to 12.4 billion yuan of RMBs about) low interest borrows money, assistance imprints square construction railroad and promote energy-saving plan. Intermediary is analysed in succession outside point out, how times play again " break money " old game, meaning contend in hook in India China.

Give a technology to money

Day still will act with Yin Jun

According to the report, japan plans to imprint sell amphibious plane, but do not provide a weapon, se

rve as only civil, do not disobey Japanese weapon to export a ban so. According to the report, japanese government wants to serve as exchange with this, requirement India supports Japan in Sino-Japanese and territorial dispute. And media of Indian much home points out, india is needed careful to installing times instead China allied conspire, india was not necessary and China is become " the enemy " .

Besides sell a plane, day look forward to still will be noted endowment the railway system of extend India Xin Deli. In the loan of 210 billion yen, 60 billion yen will use hand day look forward to develops in India, imprint with what be in charge of project of second birth energy look forward to together, build solar energy and wind- driven power station.

Occupy flower intermediary story additionally, official of Indian department of defense discloses, day imprints air force will hold more joint military exercises this year. Aosilin shows learned man of American enterprise institute, japan is dedicated to seeking a partner with nonlocal area in Asian northeast, strengthen day to imprint bilateral relationship, very old rate is to answer China to rise abruptly.

Day of beautiful curule hurried

Improvement and Sino-South Korean concern

According to Japanese media coverage, to the United States that visits Japan Bern of standing deputy Secretary of State this Japan of 24 days of appeals seeks the constructive means that answers the sensitive question such as historical understanding, do one's best the relation of improvement and neighbour. That day, bern this when 5 allusion talk, as small as Japanese defensive chancellery wild temple expresses, because Japanese premier brings times advance,the United States just is opposite organized body of mind of country of pacify of 3 pay homage to and Han relation feels exasperate meridian, day anxious, japanese improvement and neighbour concern are very main. Bern this Korea and China just were visited before this.

Additional, abroad hands in ministerial Wang Yi 24 days in relation be related responds to the Ying De that with respect to An Beijin analogy of 3 Sino-Japanese relations is war of one prewar and final trend, he points out, this one view is spatio-temporal and unbalanced, indescribable. (in law evening new)

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Layer of Qi of moralization ox mother forest all catch multicolored

Somalia famine spreads further, in the past 3 months, the name is 5 years old of countrywide nearly 30 thousand the following children die. In the capital Majiadisha, a father very reluctantly bury 5 his starved to death children, and two the youngest son that he puts only also because of full text of hidebound []
The defense minister before two American citizens that ever were arrested by the U.S. Army in Iraq should be sued pulls Musifeierde, ask he is himself to be mistreated in the jail responsible. 8 days, the court decision of a court of American supported 2 people appeal to beg, call Lamusi [full text]
Xinhua net Madrid on August 9 report (the member that reporter Feng Junwei reports thanks Yu Zhi) Tuolaiduo saves Spain city is in Biliyakaniyasi 9 day before dawn produce amusement park, cause 3 people death, 1 person is weighed. According to Spanish media newspaper? [Full text]
Xinhua net head Er on August 10 report (reporter Ji Xinlong) office of news of Korea department of defense confirms 10 days, xiang Yanping put Korea in controversy near the island that day " northward borderline " open fire, korea army undertook responding to sexual bombard. [Full text]
In report will report new net integratedly on August 10, in Jian Zhi the person alludes him to be met very quickly possibly resign after the duty of premier, japan may be in end is born this month another new prime minister -- the 6th premier inside 5 years. The full text of Jian Zhi [that will appear on the stage last year in June]
Dream of balloon formal attire is fashionable the intermediary outside occupying reports 9 days, japanese stylist fine Bei Lizhi is bent on balloon art all the time, head balloon formal attire advanced and fashionable group. This year, the crystal appearance formal attire that fine Bei Lizhi designs won year Belgium international to enrage [full text]
Xinhua net Bucharest on August 9 report (reporter Lin Huifen) the car that Romania carries gold jewelry is in 9 days this country encounters armed cateran on a freeway, value makes an appointment with 1 million euro (add up to 9.2 million yuan of RMBs about [full text]
Data chart: The Brazil that announced this year in January Yamaxun is jungly primitive tribe photograph, at present this tribe has

been missing, authorities fears they already were peddled to slaughter by poison according to England " daily telecommunications signs up for " will report on August 10, brazil Yindianjijinhui (F [full text]
According to Taiwan " in wide news network " 10 days of reports, a tooth is bitten when woman of a France eats hamburger, the decision sues a Le Fu. Graceful tower beautiful say, she reachs friend home be a guest, the friend asks her to eat hamburger. She bit, bite? [Full text]
The smallest person that be arrested 11 years old this month 4 days, englishman of descendants of a minority a group of things with common features shoots in London street by police beat dead. After two days,
Xu Xiaonian unscrambles: The United States is 3A grade forever, is your letter believed? Anyway I was believed local time 8 days, american president Aobama falls with respect to grade attune incident published televised speech to countrywide audience, say no matter the outside how grade, of the United States [full text]
Xinhua net Washington on August 9 report (abundant of reporter Wang Feng) the United States is pulled especially an air base is China city 9 days to make an appointment with 30 U.S.
Army soldier that dies in helicopter crash incident to hold in north grieve over ceremony. Does American president shellfish pull gram · ? [Full text]
Xinhua net Shanghai on August 10 report (reporter Pan Qing) come from Chinese foreign currency to trade newest data of the center shows, the RMB is right on August 10 price rises among dollar exchange rate broken 6. 42, with 6. 4167 achieve again collect since changing new [full text]
On August 8, london admire blocks Mu area, store of a clothing by loot. In report will occupy new network on August 9 report of dispatches from foreign news agency, the large-scale disturbance that London erupts 6 days late has spread to 9 days other 3 main cities. This is to go up century since 80 time [full text]
Dispatch of Tecent finance and economics suffers an US stock to steep fall influence, today two city again in pairs considerably low leave, stop subsequently drop rebound, also be in in succession super- after dropping, begin to rebound. Continuance concussion is climbed afternoon litre, in bank real estate guide below, become greatly point to at 13 [full text]
Hold the shop that Tenamu destroys in the palm. Occupy street corner of north of city of London of England of report of Xinhua News Agency 7 days incident of force of evening emersion group. As violent as before one evening form [full text]
Look from the appearance, jiemi Cumming appears and do not have particularly conspicuous glamour, but he lets many cummer be delivered of man of 15 children England to him however Jiemi Cumming by " daily Post " call " the father that England bears the blame least of all " , this? [Full text]
Xinhua net Beijing on August 9 report (Qian of Luo Sha plum beautiful) a ration that near future of key laboratory of bureau of mapping of the country of environment of land of university of Chinese mining industry and calamity that monitor uses the ground to grow a circumstance to undertake in the light of construction considers to think, chinese transition phase [full text]
The United States just was not approbated " decoy says " . Contrary, official of an United States is announced to American media, "Seal " team member is taken at that time " Jinuke " drive go to a valley to assist American army to swim cavalry group gets military of tired special type one group. This official says, "[full text]

 Thailand army announces the curfew take-overs each are big the TV station announces to take urgent position

 Plane of De Yi A320 crashs exposure of black box exterior already derived voice data (graph)


 Constrictor snake gets Thailand woman nearly to be procrastinated to answer by the snake from inside closestool unexpectedly " den "

Login register Argentina of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian does China business establish 100 people special alarm sinister gang of Chinese of team antagonism place with cruel make cruel origin: ? ?2014-09-21 19:1 of Ou of She bright AEdition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 5

Http://www.mnw.cn/ channel

The gun is in the Argentine area nowadays, fellow-townsman sees fellow-townsman, giving two guns rear is commonplace, to do not endure cartridge, argentine one Chinese supermarket organized on September 4, 2014 special alarm the group will answer the force that grow day and day to rob. From this Jing showed Hei Hua of sinister gang of Chinese of a fact's person. Chongqing youth signs up for a reporter to cover inside story of sinister gang of Chinese of reductive Latin America with all possible means.

Patron wagon

Chinese from group spy alarm the team is turned over black

Special alarm fellow villager organization rises the team, basically be to defy local force robs incident. Nuo of Argentine cloth appropriate this Ailisi saves Huo Hua of boss of one Chinese supermarket to tell Chongqing the youth signs up for a reporter. This are special alarm team scale is not large, have 100 people left and right sides. We still conclude the case fully to local police station, nevertheless so far, had not gotten a response, police station respect says to need to wait for ranking written instructions only.

It is the sinister gang oppose with place after all, want to get the agree of local police is not easy thing so quickly.

Huo Hua expresses, probably from 2000 (probably earlier) rise to the sinister gang organization that makes Fu Qingbang receives protection to expend, storefront of Chinese of their requirement place above all turn over to the higher authorities the admission of 3000 dollars, next every month still requires pay 500 A money (about 350 yuan of right-and-left RMBs) protective cost, can receive menace of threatening letter, phone otherwise, employ fierce bloodguilty to make reprisals even. Consequence is shop is burned, somebody casualty.

City Ceng Yu had produced Argentine Braun one case on November 16, 2010 Chinese homicide case, an Argentina China business dies in the 3 guns in the body in oneself shop. And it is before a many month, the Hua Shanggang that in

Maerweinasi Luo Ai of area admire heart checks Kui and general row this to hold street boundary set up shop in the palm exposed the thing with Chinese extortionate sinister gang. Do violence person did not rob any, shoot directly however shoot reduced this China trade.

Huo Hua mouth sighed helplessly to continue say: Some connect a child to be killed together even, suffer destroy the door.

The Chinese storefront that paid protective fee nevertheless obtained umbrella naturally, besides won't be annoyed, still can assure to be in two streets won't have competitor. Huo Hua complement says.

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Layer of Qi of moralization ox mother forest all catch multicolored

 Login register text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian the first round is Han Chao lain between when meeting of disperse family member 60 old hind does the tear asperse: of origin of King Kong hill? Qu Xian?2014-02-21 10:5Edition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 1 Http://www.mnw.cn/ channel [summary] site of meeting of family member of disperse of the first round of Han Chao, tear of 60 old relatives is lain between to asperse King Kong hill when.

Site of meeting of family member of disperse of face of the first round of Han, tear of 60 old relatives is lain between to asperse King Kong hill when.

After 60 years encounter

Family member of face Han disperse comes 3 many years head get together; meets the ceremony is to stop chocolate pain medicine is sent

The net austral Fujian meeting of family member of disperse of Han of the 19th face will be in dispatch to be held toward hotel of Xian Jingang hill yesterday on Feburary 21. This is face Han afterwards after 2010, 3 years many are lain between to hold disperse family member to meet again when meeting. Beijing time was controlled at 2 o'clock yesterday afternoon, 140 disperse family member reachs Korea to be in along with travel family member and 178 Korea family member meeting of hotel of hill of Korea King Kong. The close people each other with old long parted sends a greeting, pour out parting suffering, chat cheerfully flesh and blood kisses affection. Attend epicycle disperse family member to reunite average age is 84 mobile old person years old, among them, top old person is 96 the age years old, a lot of people and family member disperse are as long as 60 old.

Li Yulan of 84 years old (transliteration) say, think of can with the have a reunion of two little sisters that leaves delicacy of hold office at court, she sleeps to be not worn almost become aware. The picture that Korea TV station broadcasts shows, the old person gives bunches of big gift carefully to bale in the home, arrive from underwear stop be fond of medicine to be sent to chocolate again -- " I hear delicacy of chocolate group hold office at court is very popular, but very expensive. " the old person says.

By a definite date of activity of this round of meeting 3 days. The 2nd round of meeting general undertakes to 25 days in 23 days, at the appointed time face just will have 88 disperse family member

and the meeting of 361 family members that come from Han Fang. (new China CCTV)

Relevant news:

"What 60 old meet again lay between to turn meeting place into tear immediately when is marine. " Korea media reunites to interrupting family members of 3 years of disperse of north and south of 4 months mobile deep feeling is quite much.

According to Han couplet company, Niuxisitong the media such as dispatch company reports, 82 people of 20 days of family member of Han Fang disperse that attend meeting of family member of Han face disperse the first round and along with travel family member 58 people wait in all hotel of hill of bright King Kong of 140 people hold office at court attends " group meeting " activity, with meeting of 178 day square family member, time is two hours about, disperse family members attended to welcome late banquet toward what just sponsor later, share once more " meeting joyance " .

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Layer of Qi of moralization ox mother forest all catch multicolored


Occupy dispatches from foreign news agency to report, "Faceless Indonesia (AnonymousIndonesia) " the organization claims 4 days, to Australia more than 170 websites launched network attack, undertake in order to protest this country listening an activity to its neighbour and ally.

This organization listed the website name that atttacks by the network in the dispatch on gregarious website, it is small-sized commerce website more among them, and it is with the domain name " Au " te


According to the report, the webpage that opens these websites can see a paragraph of character " suspend the information activity in Indonesia " , and still show in webpage bottom have Indonesian ensign this, and constituent mark imprints in ensign among.

This website that organizes an attack should be chosen randomly, website content has to domain of invite applications for a job from dry-clean involve.

According to Australian media the exposure before this, this country is stationed in outside diplomatic mission serves for network of spy of American whole world, use code name to be " special grade cabin " the news report that listening system enlists eavesdrop and intercept Asia-Pacific area and important data information. After exposure of heavy pound news, cause the dissatisfaction of Asian a lot of country.

Local time on November 1, the behavior of Australia of Indonesian government reprimand " encroach badly be pair of diplomacy regulation and morality " . That day, secretary-general of Indones

ian Ministry of Foreign Affairs call in Australia is stationed in Budibowoleikesuonuo Indonesian ambassador Geleigemoliyadi, in order to show protest.

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