Why is mango done not have ripe rotted mango is done not have ripe the reason that rotted

The breed of mango has a lot of, the mango mouthfeel of every breed is different, measurement is different also, somebody likes to eat big, somebody likes to eat small, mango also is bad to save fruit, if bought mango,eat as soon as possible.

Why is mango done not have ripe rotted?

The likelihood is to carry, save undeserved those who bring about. High-ranked imperial concubine of awn cortical it is thinner, when had not matured, gains is actually solidder still, but if appear in the process that carry or saves,collide or the word of the situation with bad knock, appear easily cortical damaged, occurrence cut, the circumstance that if right now the bacterium enters a likelihood to be able to appear,pollutes, bring about thereby appear sodden, degenerative condition.

Mango is done not have ripe the reason that rotted

1, mango is in green when, cannot know to often cover, can bring about mango metamorphism.

2, because path mango is covering,this is in ripe process, still want breath.

3, if moisture sends out,do not go out inside can bring about mango addle.

Portion of awn wh what month had better eat high-ranked imperial concubine

April when, awn had better eat hi

gh-ranked imperial concubine. High-ranked imperial concubine awn is commonly March when begin maturity to appear on the market, but the flavour of awn returns the high-ranked imperial concubine of this moment is not the most delicious when. When April when high-ranked imperial concubine awn batch maturity appears on the market, the high-ranked imperial concubine of this moment no matter awn is mouthfeel or price it is better, also be suit to eat high-ranked imperial concubine most in a year one of time of awn.

High-ranked imperial concubine the distinction of awn and Jin Huangmang

1, build is different

Jin Huangmang's build is compared commonly big, average the weight of a Jin Huangmang is controlled in 1 kilogram, can grow the most greatly to 2 kilogram, consequently Jin Huangmang is weighed again for big mango. And the fructification of awn compares high-ranked imperial concubine commonly light, the weight of awn of individual high-ranked imperial concubine is in commonly 300 to 500 grams between. But go up from size, we can see Jin Huangmang and high-ranked imperial concubine directly the distinction of awn.

2, color is different

The skin of golden brilliant awn that did not mature is viridescence color commonly, after maturity, peel can become golden look, be called consequently Jin Huangmang. And high-ranked imperial concubine awn crudely when, cortical and general be amaranth, after complete maturity, its impression can become the color that fizzles out greatly. Want awn of brilliant of make out gold and high-ranked imperial concubine awn, from its cortical color also can see.

3, flavour is different

Pare after peel, high-ranked imperial concubine the pulp of awn and Jin Huangmang is orange yellow, without too big distinction. Nevertheless, taste, flavour differs somewhat however. Jin Huangmang's smell is very sweet, because do not have too much cellulose, the flesh is compared character exquisite. And high-ranked imperial concubine awn tastes OK the moisture with very much savor, can use juicily and melting.

4, contains nutrient material is different

Jin Huangmang basically contains vitamin C, about the vitamin C that the Jin Huangmang fructification of every 100 grams contains 5 grams to control, consequently Jin Huangmang has very good skin beauty's white effect. High-ranked imperial concubine in awn although also have vitamin C, but, content is done not have so tall, its main nutrition material is protein.

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