The soup of abdomen of practice ginkgo pig of soup of ginkgo pig abdomen wants Bao how long

Soup of ginkgo pig abdomen is a very welcome cate, it basically is ginkgo and pig abdomen a Bao becomes liquid, having extremely high nutrition value not only, and flavour also is very delicious, learn to learn its particular way together below.

The practice of soup of ginkgo pig abdomen

Feed capable person: Abdomen of ginkgo, pig, black pepper, clear water.


1, prepare afore-mentioned place to need to feed material;

2, in putting the pig abdomen that has cleaned and ginkgo skillet, enter right amount clear water;

3, enter right amount black pepper;

4, the lid that build boiler, conflagration is boiled boil, boil 5 minutes again, close igneous;

5, in rectifying boiler to pour electric stewpan, build boiler shell, electrify;

6, stew 1 hour or so, lift a lid. Join right amount chicken white, mix divide evenly, after cutting off the power, can leave eat!

Soup of ginkgo pig abdomen wants Bao how long

In soup

of abdomen of Bao ginkgo pig when, need masters good time. A hour needs after so material leaves boiler finally commonly, and before this pig abdomen wants flying water, ginkgo wants abluent, the burden that still has other also needs special preparation. Soup of ginkgo pig abdomen guards estimation to need 1 half hours, but still had better be obligate 2 hours are more reliable.

The nutrient value of soup of ginkgo pig abdomen

1 ginkgo: Ginkgo namely the ginkgo that everybody often says, the nutlet of ginkgo contains a variety of nutrition elements, except amylaceous, protein, adipose, saccharide, still contain vitamin C, the microelement such as riboflavin, carotene, calcic, phosphor, iron, Potassium, magnesium, and the composition such as sterol of polysaccharide of phenol of ginkgo acid, ginkgo, 5 carbon, fat. Have beneficial lung gas, treat cough asthma, stop the belt is bug, contractible, smooth chapped is knitted, protect blood vessel, increase blood stream the dietotherapy action such as the quantity and medical the effect.

2 pigs abdomen: Pig abdomen contains protein, adipose, carbohydrate, vitamin and calcium, phosphor, iron to wait, have the effect of filling empty caustic, be good at taste, apply to edible of thin weak of caustic of gas deficiency of blood and pathological changes caused by it, body.

Pig abdomen note

Avoid of 1 choose and buy: Show virescent, mucous membrane is ambiguous, the organization is defeated flabbily, easily, have corrupt and effluvial taste do not want a choose and buy.

2 edible avoid: Pig abdomen and lotus seed (burn with white eggplant branch) easy toxic.

3 store: The pig is splanchnic unsuited keep in storage, should follow buy along with eat.

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