Do hoecake to need not put yeast diabetic can eat hoecake

Hoecake is a kind of very delicious food, listening to a name to know its raw material cannot leave corn, no matter be fresh corn or corn flour OK, must be yeast used when doing hoecake so?

Do hoecake to need not put yeast

Not OK.

Do hoecake to want to put yeast of course, yeast can help hair, resemble making steamed stuffed bun and cake, need hair, must join right amount yeast in the process that do so. If does not need the word of hair, make noodle and dumpling skin for instance, do not need to put yeast when do. Accordingly, when doing hoecake, need to put yeast, otherwise cake hair does not rise, stick boiler fierce.

Diabetic can eat hoecake

Suffer from diabetic person not to want the hoecake with too much edible as far as possible. Hoecake belongs to coarse food grain, right amount edible to human body it is very good, but the candy component that corn and flour contain among them and starch are taller, to diabetic person, often edible 1 meeting makes the blood sugar inside human body elevatory, go against the patient's rehabilitation thereby. Accordingly, diabetic person eats hoecake less as far as possible.

Diabetic person should notice at ordinary times food, eat vegetable mor

e, little edible contains candy to distribute faster food, common also should great undertake the body takes exercise, great movement, those who maintain the state of mind is free from worry.

The practice of hoecake

Raw material:

Fresh corn 1, egg 1, candy, flour each are right amount.

The process that make:

1 corn is abluent pare grain, put mixer agitate to be papered into corn together with clear water, candy.

2 in falling flour corn to paper, mix to ropy, infiltrate the egg has mixed again.

Oil falls to burn heat in 3 boiler, join paste of right amount corn, as far as possible shape of the round cake that become a circle, decoct comes golden hair is good can.

Skill of corn choose and buy

1. above all, we need to pare the skin, see the corn inside have bad place. Corn skin is very actually thick, pare a few layer hind, can see the head of corn, what the attention needs here is not to choose those who have bad, although had better not be chosen rarely, because inside may have more broken.

Corn of 2. our observation, if ream of head of businessman general corn a few, must notice, whether to have Brown over corn head, because have Brown thing, the likelihood expresses inside bad also, how many meeting has a bit bad, if be complete corn, need not worry too inside be met bad, compare at least fresh.

3. sees corn bead, if have some of shrivelled, not be very full, it is a little old corn. May have quite chew interest, juice is not very much, but can have sweet smell. This is the characteristic of old corn, if very full, color is light it is tender corn, juice is much, have sweet taste, but not be very sweet.

4. our need selects fresh corn, just be to choose next delicious, suit our corn. See corn have leave, best choice has leave, can last so, those who do not have leaf is OK had seen well, but put time is done not have so long.

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