Holand beans quantity of heat is high Holand beans has what nutrition part

Holand beans is everybody's common dish, supermarket and market have those who buy, somebody likes to eat somebody not to like to eat, so Holand beans quantity of heat is high, holand beans has what nutrition part, will look.

Is Holand beans quantity of heat high?

The quantity of heat of Holand beans is very low actually, through considering to determine the quantity of heat that contains in beans of Holand of every 100 grams is in probably 30 kilocalorie, this numerical value is low-down a numerical value, the photograph is a lot of lower than wanting at a few vegetable of other, visible Holand beans is a kind of very low caloric feeds capable person, suit the person edible with those round type of build or figure particularly, can have the effect that reduce weight.


Holand beans has what nutrition part

A lot of vegetable protein are contained in Holand beans, also contain a lot of amino acerbity part, these nurture are qualitative to health it is very important, not only can very good nourishing body, and the effect that still can have to enhance immune power, besides, a lot of carotene and vitamin material still are contained in Holand beans, also human body health cannot lack these nutrient substance, eat beans of a few Holand to complement so nutrition, have the effect very much. ?

Holand beans is done not have ripe ate the meeting is toxic

It is poisonous that Holand beans is eaten raw. Above all, the Holand beans that buys outside has sprayed very likely pesticide, if eating raw, can meet direct will chemical toxin eats go down. A few toxicant still are contained to pledge in giving birth to Holand beans next, for example saponin. If not high temperature heats if destroying it, can bring about after edible toxic. Because this Holand beans can be not eaten raw absolutely, must fry ripe later ability edible. If do not take care to bring about toxic, must immediately cure. ?

Value of Holand beans nutrition is high

Holand beans is pea of papilionaceous flower division is belonged to, annual twine herbaceous, tall 90 ~ 180cm. The area that Holand beans helps

advance somebody's career the earliest, be about forward position was worn 12000 Thailand - Burmese border zone. With edible tender pod is given priority to, the sea in country of origin is coastal reach an Asia western, holand beans tender pod is qualitative fragile faint scent, nutrient value is very high.

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