Taro cake is the practice of cake of taro of what extensive pattern

A lot of people should have heard of taro cake, see a name also know, it is a kind of cake that uses taro make it, very delicious, nutrient value is very high also, unship taro cake coming along below is what kind of.

What is taro cake

Taro cake is taro serves as raw material, join the greengrocery such as paddy rice, dried mushrooms to feed capable person next, the flesh such as bacon kind feed capable person, mix evaporate one case to become cake kind fastfood. Taro cake bases is rice of taro, paddy, dried mushrooms, bacon. It is Guangdong area a kind of very famous cake is fastfood. Because of its mouthfeel good, edible goes to the lavatory, get gradually countrywide each district the welcome of people and love. Taro cake slants sweet mouth, carry off especially of personnel of sweetmeat of be fond of love.

The practice of cake of extensive pattern taro

Advocate makings: Taro rice of 2500 grams, paddy 1000 grams, dried 50 grams

Condiment: Shallot 25 grams, pepper 10 grams, salt 30 grams


1, silk of white taro, dig, sausage adds fork to burn, cut Xiaoding, pink of polished glutinous rice adds water, make starch of polished glutinous rice.

2, sausage adds fork to burn cheer add dried, strong microwave 2 minutes, add taro silk to add salt, strong microwave 5 minutes.

3, add in come rice oar becomes aware divide evenly, strong microwave 2 minutes, show strong stiff record, join the model that spreads paper of New Year cake.

4, the surface is wiped smooth add last film, strong microwave 15 minutes, buckle, wait for cool stripping and slicing.

The nutrient value of taro cake

C of protein, calcic, phosphor, iron, Potassium, magnesian, natrium, carotene, nicotinic acid, dimension, B is contained a lot ofin taro a group of things with common features a variety of composition such as glucoside of horn of vitamin, black. What what contain is mineral in, the content of fluorine is higher, have clean tine to defend the caries, action that protects a tooth. Its rich nutrition value, can enhance the immune function of human body, can regard the commonly used medicinal food of tumor of cancer of prevention and cure as staple food. Cure is put after cancer surgery or art, in changing cure and its rehabilitation course, have the effect of auxiliary cure.

Taro contains some mucus protein, can increase the strength of airframe. Taro is basic provision, can counteract the acidity material of the stockpile inside body, adjust the soda acid of human body

to balance, generation hairdressing is raised colour, the action of pitch-black hair, still can use hydrochloric acid in gastric juice of prevention and cure to cross much disease. Taro contains rich mucus saponin to reach a variety of microelement, the physiology that can help airframe correct microelement lack to bring about is unusual, at the same time can stomachic, help aid digestion, fight cancer to prevent cancer.

How is taro cake done more delicious

After taro cake has been done, can touch a few auxiliary condiment, raise the mouthfeel of taro cake thereby, make taro cake more delicious.

For example, can dip in with taro cake take white sugar to eat, dip in take honey to eat, dip in take condensed milk to eat etc.

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