Spanish ham can be put how long does Spanish ham have the expiration period

Spanish ham has the expiration period of course, although feel it seems to be able to be put very long, but not be actually such oh, the Spanish ham after dissectioning especially, should eat as soon as possible more, become moldy easily otherwise degenerative.

Spanish ham can be put how long

Did not unseal the storage life of Spanish ham exceeds 3 years, go the expiration period of character is whole ham is a year. The quality that exceeds expiration period ham can begin to drop, , should choose to be in surely the most apropos when edible.

The pig that uses the ham that make is Yibiliya pig, the ancestor of this kind of pig is the Mediterranean boar of money of thousands of all ages, inherent and adipose gather between muscle, as a child herd is raised Lin Li is cultivated in oak, it is with natural oak fruit feed, the growth period of the pig is controlled in 18 months normally, ham of the Spain that make used pure sea salt only, the hoard airing that adds, ham adds truly top class Yibiliya of windward dry month long-term, it may be said is wait for one leg 5 years. Spanish ham contains a lot ofrich Ou Miga - 3 not saturated fatty acid, although eat, and eat more slender more.

Does Spanish ham have the expiration period

Have the expiration period of course.

Standard expiration period is a year, general Spain ham can have Chinese bear mark, meeting mark has manufacturing date and edible date to end above day.

How is after ham dissections, Spain saved

After Spanish ham cut, besmeared cut place on one does not have oil of sweet insipidity edible that day, with will chain water portion, if ham is put in air conditioning room or constant conservatory, use last film includes the appearance, an eat uses reoccupy Bai Jin is built above can.

If be to deposit,be in freezer, should use last it is good that paper pesters on a few bags, lest see the generation after wind,change flavour or with other provision generation strings together flavour.

Spanish ham has many delicious

The JAMON of ham of Spain of nothing is more... than that loves most. The chip of bright red ases if transparent, send out an inviting delicious faint scent, the most marvellous JAMON sends the entry with the hand in, holding light salt flavour in the arms slowly melt, buccal tine wears the perfume with the sort of long continous sweet, if matching the citric beer Clara with particular Spain... cannot good experience of Yan Yu.

Yibiliya is allegedly black the pig is the happiest pig on the world, come loose naturally raise, carefree ground is eating oak f

ruit to be brought up, ability accomplishs transparent adipose layer. The Biliya that use Yi is black the around leg of the pig, 3 years and become Spain Yibiliya ham, become clinking dainty naturally delicate. The ham that cuts piece need a knife really labour is wonderful, common saying says to add one minute too fat, decrease a minute too thin, ham also is, cut mouthfeel of too thick entrance to sell at a discount greatly, cut dissipation of too thin very easy aroma very quick put sb out of the way.

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