Menses can eat snow lotus fruit the wife has Xue Lian to have what profit if really everyday

Xue Lian is if really very nourishing fruit, the practice of snow lotus fruit also has a lot of kinds, so can menses eat snow lotus fruit, the wife has Xue Lian to have what profit if really everyday, look together below.

Can menses eat snow lotus fruit?

Menstruation is OK fruit of edible snow lotus, the female of menstruation can spread the nutrient material with very much lose, and Xue Lian contains many iron, magnesium to wait if really mineral, can the nutrition of sufficient compensatory female, and the case that the female of menstruation can have constipation, the action of snow lotus fruit promotes the peristalsis of intestines and stomach namely, help body defecate, and the effect that still has regulate the menstrual function, very helpful to the female's body, but those who want an attention is Xue Lian fruit sex slants cool, still want right amount edible so, can cause otherwise unwell.

The wife has Xue Lian to have what profit if really everyday

Because of the person different. E.g. the constitution hot and dry, internal heat compares exuberant woman, have regular the symptom such as acne of minister of constipation, face, guttural gall, so eating a Xue Lian everyday have profit if really, can remove clear heat to fall fire, promote the secretion of saliva or body fluid stop the effect with aperient bowel of thirsty, embellish. But the female to general constitution, do not suggest to eat fruit of lotus of a snow everyday, because sex of snow lotus fruit is cold, put oneself in another's position can increase after edible inside cold cool air, eat to may cause taste Xu Han everyday or diarrhoea, especially itself with respect to body cold perhaps have the crowd of symptom of jalf congealed diarrhoea, cannot eat everyday more. Average crowd suggests one day to eat half to perhaps lie between a day to eat 100-200 the gram is more appropriate.

How does Xue Lian eat if really

1, husk Xue Lian if really abluent, the lump; that cuts 1cm*1cm*1cm similar size opens tremella with bleb, a; is ripped after bubble leaves final a red jujube is abluent.

2, after above measure gets ready, can begin. Put the snow lotus fruit that has cut, tremella, red jujube in boiler to boil, put right amount water.

3, when probably red jujube is boiled after rotting, fed material otherly to should be thoroughlied cook. Put rock candy to flavor into boiler finally, boil 1 minute again can flameout leaves eat.

Xue Lian eats if really much meeting how

1, the likelihood brings about diarrhoea

Can promote alvine path peristalsis, facilitating defecate if really because of Xue Lian, can treat the problem such as constipation. But the likelihood after fruit of much lotus having snow brings about diarrhoea, it is normal to the absorption of material of the nurture in food and influence airframe to lower the body metabolization;

2, the likelihood brings about a stomach to bilge

Prandial fiber is contained in snow lotus fruit much, and carbohydrate is absorbed not easily by human body, mini

stry of likelihood occurrence stomach bilges the circumstance; of gas or fart

3, likelihood occurrence hypoglycemia

Because the belt in snow lotus fruit is sweet,few candy cannot be digested to absorb, the possibility after fruit of much lotus having snow produces full abdomen move, thereby the carbohydrate that person physical ability absorbs is little, blood sugar level is met on the low side, serious person cause dizziness, spirit is depressed wait for a symptom. To regular hypoglycemia crowd should be special notice;

4, the likelihood causes suffer from excessive internal heat

Eating Xue Lian normally is if really won't of suffer from excessive internal heat, but eat to bring about oral cavity possibly too much unwell cause symptom of suffer from excessive internal heat. Because be contained in snow lotus fruit,many saccharide is mixed all sorts of microelement, ionic chroma compares blood sugar in pulp in tall, the likelihood after edible causes oral cavity cell because of permeating moisture prediction of a person's luck in a given year, cause ulcer.

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