Why is the nutrient distinction flat peach of flat peach and peach cultivated little

A lot of people divide peach and flat peach to not be clear about, the nutrition of flat peach and peach is very similar, so where is the nutrient distinction of flat peach and peach, why is flat peach cultivated little, will look.

Is the nutrition of flat peach and peach distinguished?

The nutrient value of both actually about the same, contain the part such as C of fructose, dextrose, organic acid, prandial fiber, naphtha, protein, carrot, vitamin, calcic, iron, magnesian, Potassium, but flat peach tastes a few sweeter, because the volume containing sugar inside this will be a few higher, the difference won't be too big above other nutrition composition. ?

Because this need not consider the nutrient difference of both, besides now also person of it doesn't matter can have hidebound problem, still basically want to see oneself like to eat which kinds of peach.

Why is flat peach cultivated little

1, breed still is in promotion

The breed of flat peach is very at present much, better having variety of a few flat peach is gold oily flat peach, flat peach coil of honey of coil of 4 date, Ju Pan, early dew, early large, midautumn and lucky coil wait 1 number, a lot of areas did not popularize flat peach to cultivate, because the flat peach on this market yields,be inferior to other peach, the price is a few more expensive also.

2, cultivate a technology to need to learn

Flat peach grows the technical demand with also have particular, e.g. grow, water fertilizer management, intertill weeds, clear between garden etc, cultivate the difference with constant presence with common peach, want to cultivate flat peach, still need to undertake study. Because the climate of our country various places still compares those who suit to cultivate flat peach, the area that so flat peach grows in our country still meets what expand gradually.

The distinction of peach and flat peach

1, appearance

Flat peach: Flat peach is the fruit of a kind of egg oblate shape, it is flat that they look flat existence, but there is in fluctuation double center inside sunken.

Peach: The appearance of peach is more globose, their one aspect of the matter is more pointed, additionally one aspect of the matter is to compare the existence with blunt circle.

2, mouthfeel

Flat peach: Flat peach and peach also have certain distinction on mouthfeel, although flat peach is a kind of peach, but the moisture content of this kind of peach is high, taste softer, sweeter, acidity is very low.

Peach: The moisture content in peach is higher, and in squashy when its pulp is met molten, also having a few variety is tasting is fragile, mouthfeel is inferior to flat peach.

3, producing area

Flat peach: Flat peach this kind of fruit basically produces in Chinese north, be in Shandong, shanxi and Heibei and Shaanxi and other places are commonner, and also have in Chinese northwest Xinjiang produce a certain quantity ofly, and the flat peach mouthfeel that Xinjiang area produces is best.

Peach: A producing area criterion of other peach did not secure limits, it has in countrywide each district cultivate extensively, and the plant that in the world many countries also have large area.

4, the price

Flat peach: Flat peach is the fruit with a kind of lower yield, the price when it sells in the market wants the peach with common prep above.

Peach: And the different breed of peach also differs somewhat in the price that after appearing on the market, offers, common peach price compares flat peach commonly low, the peach that also can have price of prep above flat peach sometimes exists.

Eat peach to be able to gain flesh

Eat peach to won't gain flesh commonly. Peach is not tall caloric food, although differ,the peach quantity of heat of breed is worth somewhat difference, but general on the low side, ate general not quite meeting get fat. And peach contains many cellulose, can promote peristalsis of intestines and stomach, reduce the constellation insi

de body, the meeting after eating has full abdomen feeling, during because this is OK,reducing weight edible.

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