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夜上海最新论坛Login register heat of Japan of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian to discuss relax " outside fatigue " is topic society little with each passing day child aged origin: ? ?2014-04-07 16:4 of huge rock of discharge  contractionEdition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 7 Http://www.mnw.cn/ channel [summary] the near future, about relax " outside fatigue " if problem, political circles has type of add fuel to the fire quite put word and action.

Data chart

Tokyo of China News Service on April 7 electric near future, about relax " outside fatigue " if problem, in Japan ceaseless hasten is heated up, and have type of political circles add fuel to the fire quite among them put word and action. It seems that respect of outer labor policy tightens associate with all the time cover the Japan of cap, can have " new thinking " appear.

The direct setting of relevant topic is, already was in serious little child the Japan of ground of the aged sublimity, at present must face many shake disaster area to restore to build, and the relevant establishment of Tokyo Olympic Games built general affairs 2020, the labor breach that heads with bldg. is extremely serious.

After roistering one time however, the caliber that the government gives out, also be to make Japan long-term only with " ambiguous means " the use service outside coverting -- so called skill jackarooes or grind long crowd, compare likely work some of time more before just. What Japanese media generalizes governmental respect so plan: Hand is not worth badly, the youth does not agree to work however, that relies on a foreigner only. But they should grow to settle can be no good. Make its work period of time more here at most, still should go back later.

In already was faced with work population structure under the predicament of serious unbalance, japan appears still be ashamed at external work is real " open floodgate " .

Embellish of cane o

f fast of adviser of research of Japanese economy research center is in Japanese repor
ter club before this at this point the topic is accepted when interviewing, point out, japanese mouth is degressive the trend is clear, press official orgnaization computative, the hundred years population dimensions of Japanese after will be cut the 1/3; to now is more serious is, the nonproductive population scale of 65 years old of above is carrying quickly litre. Accordingly, no matter be from preserve existing population dimensions and economic scope, still look from the angle of social security exchequer, the fatigue outside a large number of right introducing raises real requirement.

This scholar that ever held the position of Japanese government economy to analyse an important official for years thinks, if be not made,change apparently now, can appear in the future quite risk.

Data shows, at present outside the scale that fatigue moves the place in population to occupy in Japanese fatigue is only 1.1% , greatly under Euramerican a lot of countries, one times lower also than Korea even. Japan enters a country actively administrative line of action also allows only the foreigner that undertakes professional technology activity enters a country resident, and did not approbate those who come from abroad " pure laborer " . In fact, japan puts the labour force gap that be in at present, abound in at alleged " simple work " domain, outside dividing construction industry, all many sided such as child care of nurse of the domestic service that still involves demand to increase ceaselessly, old person, children. If in order to expand active " exercitation " , " grind long " the expedient means of limits and fixed number of year deals with, fill labor " cavity " , its effect hard to avoid " foot of crural painful medical service " mock.

Of quickness gradual progress little child aged, if really can you let " onefold " does Japan change direction become emigrant state? Do not see a trace at present at least. Force holds out the conservative layer that brings times regime, right the fatigue outside increasing supports cool attitude more, huang talking says emigrantly. Cabinet official is professed related Japan: Did not undertake study to alleged and emigrant thing.

Although Japanese economy bound by force of the current situation, positive to having the fatigue outside the amplification below pattern to there is no lack of attitude, but whole Japan society is right this still quite much misgive, the work outside including to be afraid of became much the promotion that affects structure of industry of income of native land employee, influence, send public security of local finance aggravation, influence to wait a moment. Of course, also the comment points to Japan external the human rights pay of fatigue still puts all sorts of issues, solve at an early date urgently.

Fast cane embellish thinks, from long-term look, little child aged can make Japanese economy ceaseless and atrophic, here case falls, it is to pass the collaboration with the foreigner to move toward new-style economy big country, still defend " old and dinkum " old model economic big country, it is Japan must the problem of straight face, already did not have too much discussion time now. (Wang Jian of reporter of Chinese news network)

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Layer of Qi of moralization ox mother forest all catch multicolored


 Kaniliuhu of spokesman of American the White House needs butter small unripe change " a tough guy "


[person of Malaysia happening be astonished rapes girl case by turns to already arrested 13 people] Malaysia media cover

age, this country is upper Ji Landan city produces be astonished person to rape girl
case by turns, the likelihood amounts to 39 people to rape two v/arc a person's status by turns to fasten the girl that mixes 17 years old for 15 years old, police already will arrest 13 suspects on May 30, be in chase personnel of other experience case.

All along " one's words is sharp " ferry of Luo Ge of Russia Vice Prime Minister was offended because of opinion on public affairs of exceed what is proper again recently on international dispute. England " defend a newspaper " report 10 days, because malc

ontent Romania rejects the territorial air of plane pass through the territory of a country that its take, threaten of collect dagger ferry wants " come back by bomber " .

Report, kelimiya merges into after Russian Federation, russia is much renown high official is included by European Union and United States " punish list " , collect dagger ferry also is over list. 8 days, collect dagger ferry visits Maerduowa capital radical hopes to slow Wu Shigang is being pushed go up especially dispatch is shown off say, although oneself are overcome by black orchid " ban fly " , but can reach destination in safety by way of Bulgaria and Romania all the same. One's voice in speech just fell, collect dagger ferry returned 9 days to eat to shut door a thick soup in Romania, for this, collect dagger ferry sends again push say especially: "Should American requirement, romanian respect rejects my plane to enter its territorial air, wu Kelan respect also does not let me pass. Look next time I must be taken ' graph - 160 ' come back. " " graph - 160 " the supersonic speed that is Russian production is long-range strategic bomber, also be th

e bomber type with the largest volume that this country produces.

This is pushed civil 10 days of height attention that cause Romanian respect, a kind when ask Russia respect makes it clear that whether this opinion on public affairs is aimed at Romania on behalf of Russia " official position " , and collect dagger ferry responds to say: "Good, romanian gentlemen, our meeting explains to you who you are quickly, how do we see you! How do we see you!!

11 days, collect dagger ferry is in again " types of facial makeup in operas " on explode makings say, he already brought back Deniesite application of coastal republic dweller adds the river the case of the memorial of Russian federal.

In western media eye, collect dagger ferry is a model " troubled maker " , face American sanction, he ever expressed, "I suggest the United States is used next time skip the bed sends astronaut past international space to stand " . American space shuttle Yatelandisi after date retired 2011, american astronaut goes back and forth between international space to stand to want to rely on the spacecraft of Russia. (Liu Hao like that)


Pan Jiwen of electric U.N. secretary-general will be in U.N. of China News Service 1 day local time on March 1 headquarters of new York U.N. makes a statement through its spokesman, railway station of Kunming of strong condemnation Yunnan " 3 · 01 " violent horror assaults incident.

Pan Jiwen is in statement express, with " the strongest language " condemnation happens in Kunming railway station " make a surprise attack in the light of person of civilian be astonished " . He is right die in an accident person the family member expresses to mourn, the hurt person in hoping to assault incident can recover as soon as possible.

Pan Jiwen points out, be without reason in the light of innocent civilian kill. The person that he hopes to make those this have the responsibility of serious and violent horrible incident at the same time try sb.

Beijing time on March 1 21 when make, square of Kunming railway station produces unconscious face thug to

chop person incident, up to Beijing time 2 days 6 when, already caused 29 people death, 130 more than person to get hurt. Police shoots dead 4 thug on the spot, arrest 1 person. Current, the case detects the job to undertaking in insecurity. Get hurt masses already was found a place for be in much
home hospital respectively, branch of various medical treatment already assembled keen-witted and capable force, the wounded of main bring a patient out of danger.

Kunming city government discloses, accident scene evidence makes clear, this is the serious force that engineers an organization by skill of Xinjiang division force together horrible incident.

Relevant news:

List of the person that victim of horrible assault incident hurts force of Kunming railway station (graph)

Kunming railway station assaults incident border alone molecular banner commits the crime lethal weapon (graph)

 夜上海最新论坛Login register beautiful intermediary of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian: Does Chinese artwork auction the market to increasing: of its consequence origin ceaselessly? Salary  ?2014-03-03 17:3Edition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 4 Http://www.mnw.cn/ channel

Data picture: On December 2, 2013, a person that look around films on the exhibition British artist nots · earths up Langxisi the work of the root. Boundless and indistinct of Li Mang of reporter of Xinhua News Agency is photographed

Beautiful intermediary says, the market is auctioned in the whole world about China the first rank in course of study, the 2nd or is tertiary interest explodes the iceberg that the message just is forming everything medium probably one horn. See the auction travel that takes a fancy to a country, private museum and collector, can be opposite probably artistic bound -- in not quite far future -- the picture that draws the outline of to differ completely.

" Forbes " biweekly (network) will report on Feburary 27, the Baoliwen of the group protecting interest with subordinate 61 billion dollar, state-owned social status turns group company is the 3rd sale of world the parent company that travel Beijing protects benefit international to auction limited company. Recently, this company announces, it will be started first open collect (IPO) . This news was not caused in the west how old shake, it is the dimensions as a result of this IPO probably not quite, for 330 million dollar, but the ambition that this revealed this company to be extended in the whole world, this should not allow to ignore.

What make a person be interested more even is this group a speech of presiding apparitor Jiang Yingchun. Jiang Yingchun says on the press conference: "We auction market share in Chinese inland art very big, want to become the sale with the biggest whole world to all right however still quite long way wants. " although this statement is condescending, but still can be being regarded is its strive to make the whole world most the confirm of sale travel target, and very fast. With 2012 the sale specified amount of 1 billion dollar, protect benefit to still lag behind at Su Fu to go than the auction far, but it is started just 8 years, and the history that western sale goes to already had 250 years. Can say, see in new York or London protect interest or fine Germany border auctions limited company (the sale of another China goes) the problem that the auction is met is time time only.

Report, see those who visit Chinese private museum rise abruptly again, also can show an issue very much. 2012, china has a museum to open business about everyday;2013 year, this number rises it is 451, and still will achieve new record 2014. Press a program, china arrives 2015 will have 3500 museum -- now it has about 4000.

Actually, of a lot of museum live will debatable, what will reveal for the most part is local culture nevertheless. However, key of arisen recently a few museum reveals will be western art, and have solid capital support.

The report thinks, what invest the public fund of artistic orgnaization as the west is cut, of artistic patron decrease (be in Europe especially) , chinese museum had the card that can play. These are new the orgnaization that hold water will not constitute a challenge to museum estate magnate of the west, if contemporary and artistic museum, peaceful is especially contemporary artistic house and center of art of bitter fleabane Pi Du, but they will be helped make China the culture center that becomes the whole world. Must go to Beijing or Shanghai seeing Francis the art exhibition that · earths up roo

t and Picasso, not be highbrow illusion probably. In museum already all previous one changes in the round when, if China goes right road, will have decisive place in dishes of whole chess so.

Should carry finally is, originally main in order to collect the Chinese collector with Chinese celebrated artwork, begin to purchase the artwork with important west, this are worth to pay close attention to. If auction a breathtaking amplitude to undertake analogy with Chinese inland, so it is important to say these collectors also will make this field before long the view of force is not far-fetched.

The report thinks, as Chinese billionaire number increase by degrees ceaselessly (China is 358 people, the United States is 481) , as the have sth in mind in them the scale of artistic person rises ceaselessly, this is meant probably, they will magnate of as artistic as the west estate together, develop in price respect far more than weighing good now action.

The report says, how does the status that China goes 10 years to go up in artistic mark

et elevate quickly, undertake study to this, people should not think to had understood everything. China is in a decision at present its go up in global art market the 2nd phase of the position. The force that it increases ceaselessly comes from of all kinds and delicate change probably, and can reflect by number of sale specified amount not simply. People does not answer this surprised, medium after all the state-owned long history 5000, also need not inspect its to be menace. To probe the thing that one horn leaves this one iceberg, this is artistic group convention force challenges what must face before long.

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Layer of Qi of moralization ox mother forest all catch multicolored