A small bit of soccer influence will likely creep into the NBA in 2017 as owners are expected to approve advertisement patches for jerseys in a vote later this week, ESPN.com reported.

Ad patches will be placed on the the left shoulder and measure 2.5-by-2.5-inches, similar to the Kia ads showcased on All-Star Game jerseys in Toronto.

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"So let's begin by saying this isn't going to affect the competition. What we're talking about is a patch on the jersey,” NBA commissioner Adam Silver told ESPN last month. “And one of the reasons we want to do it is that it creates an additional investment in those companies in the league ... the amplification we get from those sponsors, those marketing partners of the league, who want to attach to our teams and our players.

"But once they put their name on the jerseys, they'll then use their media to promote the NBA extensively. That's probably the greatest reason for us to do it."

According to the initial proposal, 50 percent of the sponsorship revenue will go to the teams, while the other 50 percent will be added to the revenue-sharing pool for all teams.