If Wednesday wasn't your favorite day since the conception of the Internet, you're doing sports wrong.

Thanks to DeAndre Jordan's ridiculous free agency rollercoaster, Twitter was the place to be for the majority of the day. It started with Jordan getting cold feet about signing with the Mavericks, which led to an emoji war before the Clippers traveled to Houston to meet with their current big man.

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That's when things really hit the fan. The Clippers briefly met with Jordan, who reportedly agreed to return to Los Angeles, and then decided to hold him hostage until midnight, when a contract could officially be signed. Seriously, Blake Griffin was barricading doors. 

Mavericks owner Mark Cuban flipped his lid and that's when the Internet really started to shine. The memes of Mark Cuban's breakdown were everything you could hope for.

The updates from media mem

bers about Cuban's frustration were almost as good as what the Clippers were doing at Jordan's house while biding their time.

Sprinkle in a bit of Linsanity in Charlotte and you've got yourself the perfect NBA soap opera. Remember this day, people. We'll be passing down stories to our kids and grandkids one day.

Finally, the Clippers made it official.

Somewhere in America, Steve Ballmer is freaking out.