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上海贵族宝贝论坛Italian government is rolled out 12 days new round of finance is constrictive plan, the plan reduces expenditure inside two years 45.5 billion euro (add up to) of 64.8 billion dollar about, achieved budgetary balance 2013.

Premier Xierweiao Beilusikeni says, publishing new plan is to answer European central bank " aid " requirement.

Close " chatelaine "

Italian government holds urgent meeting 12 days late, approve new plan. Premier Bei Lusi tells media the reporter after Kenihui, the government was mixed 2012 will reduce expenditure respectively 2013 20 billion euro (28.5 billion dollar) with 25.5 billion euro () of 36.3 billion dollar.

To achieve a goal, authorities will raise revenue to good-paying crowd, reduce administration and local government expenditure substantially. Year income 90 thousand to 150 thousand euro (130 thousand to 210 thousand dollar) the crowd increases tax inside two years 5% , year the crowd that income exceeds 150 thousand euro increases tax 10% .

Beilusikeni says, government sector plan cuts down about 8.5 billion euro inside two years (12.1 billion dollar) expenditure, include cancel a few lesser provinces are municipal class administration orgnaization.

The content of new plan includes: Dodge a tax of keep within limits; Raise private sector female emeritus age, from began to carry out 2020 surely formerly come ahead of schedule 2016; Reduce communal holiday, in order to increase annual workaday amount.

Italian economy and finance minister Zhuliao Teleimengdi say, hope this a series of act can take budget deficit place the scale of gross domestic product from this year 3.8% fall to 2012 1.4% , was 2013 0.

"My heart is dripping blood, " when refer of shellfish Lu Si Keni increases tax, say, that violates a government previous acceptance, namely " the pocket that does not extend the hand to Italian people absolutely " . He emphasizes at the same time, "World circumstances changes... below special situation " , be necessary to take constrictive step.

Change " aid "

This is Italian government inside two months publish finance the 2nd times constrictive plan. This year in July, italian government rolls out a finance constrictive plan, the plan reduces expenditure 48 billion euro () of 68.4 billion dollar.

Beilusikeni says 12 days, to exchange European Central Bank " aid " Italian bond market, the government comes on stage new round of constrictive plan, "The way that case of this one party suggests according to European central bank develops " .

Near future of Italian money market for many times concussion. Last week, because encounter stock and bond panic sex cheapen, leasehold cost is rising, the dominion debt crisis that makes area of euro of investor concern indulge in wilful persecution multilateral can spread to Italy.

"After afterwards is Greek, financial speculation

is stared at on we, " Beilusikeni says, "Below this kind of circumstance, we have no other way, seek European Central Bank to intervene only. Seek European Central Bank to intervene only..

This week is some earlier moment, president of European Central Bank lets - Keluode Terry withers say, this week begins European Central Bank purchase Italy and Spanish state bond, in order to answer leasehold cost rising, alleviate crisis of debt of market pressure, keep within limits spreads. He urges Italy " with very clear pattern " take action, reduce budget deficit, return to as soon as possible " normal " budgetary situation.

Beilusikeni says: "We decide to satisfy the requirement that European Central Bank raises to us, prove oneself to other Europe country, especially Germany, Holand and Finland. Especially Germany, Holand and Finland..

New round of constrictive plan needs to hand over parliamentary approval inside 60 days, next become effective.

When Luyiji Kasailuo of undersecretary of Italian Ministry of finance accepts media to interview, say: "Face emergency, our country knows how to be answered... we will take action quickly as far as possible, the hope is obtained at the beginning of September (parliament) approval.

The hope is obtained at the beginning of September (parliament) approval..

Without " choice "

Nevertheless, with respect to new plan, each reaction is differ.

Buddhist nun of Sa of Er of shellfish of · of easy auspicious of road of Pi Ye of leader of the Democratic Party of Italian main opposition thinks, constrictive measure will harm worker and middle class interest, "This one constrictive plan is insoluble problem " .

Official of partial local government and ordinary people resent to new plan likewise. Ka Sidi of · of admire of Zhu Sai of chairman of Italian province union deserted inside say when orgnaization of administration of refer cancel part: "Everybody alludes when municipality, those who talk about is social service; Refer is provincial when the orgnaization, those who involve is security of the school, school and local road. Those who involve is security of the school, school and local road..

Analyst of a few economy welcomes new move, but the result that produces to the likelihood supports cautious attitude.

The bank orgnaization of Italian Milan " associated credit " analyst base La Kesa says Ya: "New constrictive plan is faulty, but it is current probably... the optimal result that we can expect below the situation. But it is current probably... the optimal result that we can expect below the situation..

Fabiao Fuyisi says analyst of firm of capital of Ba Kelai of British investment travel, new plan " forward right way strides... but because next year economy is added fast put delay, may produce negative effect to consuming the market " . He thinks, italy needs " adopt structural sex to change, in order to raise development latent capacity, ensure ability of Wu of long-term countervail repay a debt " .

Economic growth rate was predicting Italy of Ba Kelai capital 2012 0.7% , far 1.3% what anticipate under Italian government.

About 120% what public debt was equivalent to Italian gross domestic product last year. Since this year, public debt total rises continuously, up to 1.9 trillion euro already was approached by May () of 2.7 trillion dollar.

Ask whether new constrictive plan can damage economic foreground of Italy, finance minister Teleimengdi says: "We have no alternative. " (Li Liangyong)

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According to news of network of news of New Zealand China, new Zealand spokesman expresses, because oneself reason did not enter a plane,4 have a female passenger last week, she has unit staff to undertake menace to the place of Q300 however, say to there is bomb on this plane.

Come from the ChristineHawea of 57 years old of women of EastTamaki, because do not have there's still time to board the plane, claim the passenger on the plane is carried have bomb, this plane must fly back to Oakland again. Because she is oral,transmitted truthless message and menace arrives the safety of Q300 plane scheduled flight.

Accordingly New Zealand airport is in 11:5, shut runway half hour, prepare complete interrogate and examine to whether have the safe problem such as bomb. But whats did not discover the personnel that
install check, subsequently this plane continues to fly.

This morning, christineHawea appears in graceful exert to block district court, she is accused the term of imprisonment of a month, but guilty suspect does not admit his guilt. (reporter blue sky)

 Had gone 2011 half an year is much, a few countries and annulus of elephant of danger of region economy domain are unripe. People begins concern, can world economy ebb 2 times? Many economist that accepts a reporter to interview thinks, world economy is added fast put delay to already became calm force, but ebb 2 times should can avoid, economist calls current condition " the middle is fatigued and weak " .

Risk of growth rein in increases

After international banking crisis erupts, the finance of government of profit from each country and money stimulate policy, world economy anabiosises in the trend inside shorter time. Exciting policy makes money market precedes at entity economy appears on one hand " V " form invert; On the other hand, each country Central Bank is large-scale release fluidity, promote heavy goods, especially the price climbs gold, petrolic all the way litre, cause in global limits finish sth the inflationary pressure on fact, the reality that becomes world economy is minatory.

World economy anabiosises the process still has a marked characteristic, that anabiosises namely disequilibrium, develop economic system is apparent lag. Current, develop for the most part economic system anabiosises lack of power evidence is more clear, growth standstill possibility is larger and larger. Peng rich company will predict on July 24, 2 quarterly gross domestic product of American may grow 1.8% only, under 1.9% first quarter. And, the United States looks anteroom produces a sale to glide, consumer confidence is low, since the pace of economic dilate has put delay to 1 year new low. Euro region economy precedes index also shows, growth of this region economy has dropped to come to two years new low. And Japan is after the concussion of experience earth shake, seismic sea wave and nuclear leak accident, economy anabiosises foreground is more dim.

Regard epicycle world economy as the engine that anabiosis, burgeoning economy system faces the inflationary risk that warms up ceaselessly generally. To resist inflation, burgeoning economy system adds much to cease or adopt other and constrictive policy to drop in temperature to economy ceaselessly, what this restricted its economy on certain level is driving anabiosis.

"The whole world grows appreciably rein in, the risk is increasing. " international Monetary Fund will release in June " world economic outlook reports " reduce economic growth anticipates this year to 4.3% , organize than this April forecast low 0.1 percent.

Tall be in debt to be affected to hypostatic economy finite

At present, the developed country is common tall indebted the central point that makes market attention. U.N. Asia and committee of society of Pacific Ocean economy are presiding economist Dr. Nageshen Kumaer says to our newspaper reporter: "Really, everybody is paying close attention to risk of the United States' potential break a contact. But, the negotiation that I believe United States Congress can rise finally federally debt upper limit comes to an agreement. Even if United States Congress does not move debt upper limit on approval, american government still can pass the method such as depress expenditure to keep governmental movement, and unapt stop pair of debt instantly repay captital with interest. And unapt stop pair of debt instantly repay captital with interest..

Current, the United States and other developed country and region unemployment rate still are in exalted, the loss that financial orgnaization suffers still not repair, and of the market queasy make financial department more careful, this puts limitative bank borrow, domestic spending and the ability that the company invests. But, also economist points out, american economy has " tough " at the same time. The United States has in the developed country bring think the population that be proud is growing, have agile labour market, reserve committee still meets American federal be opposite ch

ronically negative news of economy make response, the valve of monetary policy of to turn on, stimulate economy.

21 days, european Union peak can help further Greek come to an agreement. Bay strong criticism of benefit of chief economist Liu says division of new bank big China, new the 1/3 of tired capital of round of Shu will by the private sector hold of Greek bond person will offer with the form of bond crossing-over or bond exhibition period. This means Greek choice in fact a kind " technical break a contact " , this is right Greek for it is a good news, but Greek debt risk still did not remove.

Major economist predicts, debt crisis can not pull whole euro area into the condition that ebbs 2 times. It is Greek only at present, Portuguese waited for a few countries to give an issue. And the expression of Germany, France and system of economy of Europe of a few north still has energy

quite. The report that international Monetary Fund issued a few days ago predicts, economic increase rate will be euro area this year 2.0% .

Can crisis of beautiful Europe debt endanger world economy? Tao Dong of presiding economy analyst checks area of Swiss credit president, Asia our newspaper reporter expresses, if debt problem is handled bad, will cause market panic. Predicting future a paragraph of period, global money market can appear queasy, but the place such as the business investment in hypostatic economy and dweller consumption suffers an effect too won't big. "World economy won't 2 sound foundation " , tao Dong expresses, look on the whole, world economy anabiosises pace is putting delay, because the economy before this stimulates the effect of policy,this is in succession subsidise, own growth momentum is not worth be caused by. He calls this world economy " the middle is fatigued and weak " , is not decline 2.

The Asia adds inflation of fast fall after a rise to will see a top

Recently, a few analysts also are in " sing decline " burgeoning economy system, even somebody is fatidical, because inflation rises to put delay with growth, the fast growth of burgeoning economy system soon terminative.

Tao Dong expresses, the inflationary state of different country somewhat difference. In the Asia, "Dumbbell " two end -- China and Indian inflation pressure are greater, the country that is in intermediate region has regular inflation pressure, but won't bring too big interference to economic policy. He thinks, the inflation of system of burgeoning economy of a few Asias can be in China and other second half of the year sees a top this year, but see the top is not meant instantly fall after a rise, high inflation still can last for some time, because this money is constrictive,policy won't end instantly.

Kumaer thinks, if a few develop economic system is immersed in decline 2 times, asian economy will get negative effect, but this kind of impact won't be too big. After international banking crisis erupted 2008, asian economy has been shown comparative to fight concussion ability by force. Prop up in driving home and area demand below, asian economy continues outspread. Accordingly, to Asian economy, "W " the double bottom decline of form won't appear, but economy grows certain level land to put delay is a likelihood.

Regard the world as system of the 2nd old economy, chinese economy puts delay self-evident to the influence of the world. The outside pays close attention to China to control inflationary measure to whether can bring about economic hard-land. Liu Ligang says to our newspaper reporter: "From the point of each hypostatic economic norms, chinese exit, investment and consumption all keep normal, and be in apparent ascendant course. Below this kind of circumstance, the confidence index that anticipates under the market individually, the whole that won't affect economy goes situation, excessive pessimism cannot be taken. " he thinks, chinese economy can continue to become the powerful motive force that economy of the world that prop up anabiosises. (our newspaper Bangkok on July 24 report)

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What poison of one give up happens peaceful of Russia A Er fire sends 8 people to die 6 people are injured


China is stationed in Wang Lutong of New Zealand ambassador 11 days to be in New Zealand circulation the 2nd big English paper " autonomy gets Post " on publish signed article, condemnation Japan premier brings times advance organized body of mind of country of pacify of 3 pay homage to.

The article says, on December 26, 2013, japanese premier brings times defy world opinion, consecrate of brazenly pay homage to the organized body of pacify country mind of war criminal of first class of 14 World War II. Japanese leader joins company of spirit of the country that do obeisance to pacify, this is not Japan absolutely municipal with individual problem, also be Sino-Japanese relation and issue of Han day concern not just. 100 come for years, organized body of pacify country mind is Japanese militarism all the time the mental tool that starts aggressive war external and indicative. Install the doing of times to pushing Japan damage each country people and Japanese people to the risky path of prime increase.

Wang Lutong goes out in article middle finger, the essence of problem of company of pacify country mind is Japanese government whether proper understanding and militarism of deep introspection Japan external aggression and colonial and regnant history, it is to concern aggression and combat aggressive,

justice and problem of evil major issues of principle, it is to concern Japanese leader to whether abide by tenet of United Nations Charter and principle, walk along peace to develop viatic fundamental direction problem, also be the great principle issue that affects Japan to be the same as foundation of Asian neighbour and politics of international human relations in society.

Wang Lutong says, china and New Zealand are ally of World War II, two countries army is shoulder to shoulder fascist of Japan of ground beat back, pay tremendous sacrifice for world peace. It is the world next year turn over fascist war to win 70 years. When we celebrate the victory of this hard-earned and peace ardently, we must vigilance avoids tragedy of history of World War II to repeat.

He points out, japan is invaded China the war brings heavy disaster to Chinese people. But install Japan of times open however doubt whether should by qualitative for " aggressor " , do his utmost to blanch the aggre

ssion of Japanese militarism and colonial and regnant history. To this, chinese people absolutely disapprobation, believe New Zealand and world are all peace-loving just force won't sit by and watch is paid no attention to.

Wang Lutong says, regard international society as the member that bear the blame, new two countries should be the same as international society in carry a hand to come, object and condemn any purposes the achievement of negative World War II, words and deeds that challenges afterwar international order, collective defend " United Nations Charter " tenet and principle, maintain area stability and world peace.

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