The NBA announced it rescinded Russell Westbrook's techinical foul from Sunday night's game against the Pacers.

Westbrook, who dropped 54 points in the effort, picked up what would have been his 16th technical foul of the season. The technical came after Westbrook argued with a referee.

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ame again?

The technical meant he would have been suspended for Monday night's game against Portland. With the technical dropped, Westbrook is now cleared to play in an important matchup. The Thunder are tied with the Pelicans and are fighting to make the playoffs as the eighth seed. With only two games left, Oklahoma City needs Westbrook in its lineup.

Following the loss, Thunder coach Scott Brooks said he expected the league to take back the tech.

This hasn't been uncommon practice in the NBA. According to USA TODAY's Jeff Zillgitt more than 30 technicals have been rescinded this season.