Honestly, it doesn't matter whether Carmelo Anthony plays another game for the Knicks this season. But because it's Carmelo, and he's an All-Star, and it

's New York, we feel obligated to tell you he is once again contemplating a season shutdown.

Anthony told reporters Monday night that he's leaning further toward calling it a day after tweaking his troublesome knee on a jump shot.

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"I'm restricted, I'm not getting that power or that bounce, and then to do something like I did today, I think I'm getting closer to that point," Anthony said, according to ESPN.com, after a New York loss in Miami. "I think due to the lack of movement, the lack of explosiveness I have right now — I'm just trying to compensate and try to figure it out as it goes along."

Anthony knows he needs surgery on the knee, but he wants to keep going as long as possible, and certainly up to Sunday's NBA All-Star Game at Madison Square Garden, where he's supposed to start for the East. Monday's tweak might change that plan.