Rookie forward K.J. McDaniels has been one of the few bright spots for the 76ers this season. The former Clemson Tiger is a freak athlete and consistently puts his otherworldly leaping ability on display.

Last month, McDaniels skied for a massive block on Raptors guard Greivis Vasquez. The ball rocketed out of bounds and struck a fan.

In a excellent profile piece published by Sports Illustrated on Tuesday, McDaniels revealed that the woman he accidentally struck with the ball suffered a concussion.

The jewel of his rejection résumé might just be the play of the season to date: A co

mplete demolition of a Greivis Vasquez runner, rocketed into the stands at such a violent velocity as to cause actual injury. 

"There was a lady who got hit by the ball who got a concussion, I believe." McDaniels, upon hearing what happened, sent flowers.

Sitting courtside can be dangerous, especially when McDaniels takes flight. Hopefully the woman did not suffer any long-term damage from the strike. 

Sending flowers shows that McDaniels has a compassionate side to go along with his freakishly athletic core.