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更新时间:2022年01月18日 03:47


N occupies report of Xinhua News Agency integrated

Integrated abroad media will report on August 1, pass intense negotiation many times, two parties are in United States Congress to always raise problem of debt upper limit to reach finally eventually consistent. Late on July 31, aobama's president announced this one news, say the agreement will avoid American occurrence history to go up first debt break a contact. Aobama admits, this plan differs somewhat with what he expects, but the help the United States avoids debt break a contact, end two parties difference to bring American crisis.

The agreement still needs two courtyards to approve Aobama to admit the agreement is faulty debt upper limit is raised at least 2.1 trillion dollar

Time of American the eastpart part on July 31 20:40, aobama publishs televised speech in the White House, say two parties had reached compromise with respect to debt upper limit. It is reported, the first part of the agreement asks the government reduces expenditure of 1 trillion dollar inside 10 years, this will make year home spending of the United States falls to the lowermost level since half many century

, but the investment that still can assure to wait for a domain in education and scientific research in order to create obtain employment. Both sides agrees, the pace that reduces expenditure won't be previous, lest be a burden on is flimsy economy.

Agreement the 2nd part is the committee that should establish to be comprised by two parties assemblyman in congress, be in charge of putting forward to cut the proposal of deficit further before this year November. In the meantime, two parties agreement introduces a mechanism, when decreasing bare plan to cannot be passed in congress namely, by two parties " fair " assume the forehead that decrease bare to spend. A few analysts are unscrambled, alleged two parties " fair " assume, show in cutting down, medical treatment of low income group is mixed probably social security expenditure, raise revenue at the same time and reduce the project expenditure such as national defence; Former do not wish for place of the Democratic Party, latter is republic party place nots allow.

Aobama admits this is not a perfect agreement, but it can make the United States " in future 8 6 months, months perhaps face similar crisis no longer inside 12 months " . Be in weak point in speech of 4 minutes, aobama did not allude the specific number that increases debt upper limit and the plan decreasing bare after this year November. The complement in a communique that the White House is publishing subsequently says, debt upper limit will be raised 2.1 trillion to 2.4 trillion dollar, cut down the governmental spending of at least 2.5 trillion dollar, among them committee of the two parties after November is booked cut down spending of government of 1.5 trillion dollar at least.

This agreement is the child of bilateral compromise. Republic party agrees to raise debt upper limit to can make the government maintains the level to the end of 2012, the the Democratic Party abandoned increasing the plan of taxation.

This agreement still is needed when ginseng of course United States Congress is numerous on August 1 local time two courtyards approval. If obtain,pass, plan refers a president finally to sign, fang Kecheng is law.

Aobamasheng went to anxiety United States a few days ago the people is not very satisfactory the prospect that reduces finance expenditure is very bad

Around raise debt upper limit, two parties undertook beautiful congress be as long as the hard negotiation of a few months and argy-bargy, newest agreement is considered as " ass " " elephant " the model compromises, had main effect to stabilizing global market confidence. Yesterday, asia-Pacific stock market is common go up raise, open quotation of European stock market goes tall.

To the Aobama of one's previous experience of the Democratic Party, when the agreement can ensure to next year the president changes a vote need not be anxious to raise debt upper limit again, this is abstruse Bama importunate " only bottom line " . Look from this on one hand, aobama is to win the home, he ever stated he will greet birthday on August 4 last month, most wanted gift is two parties come to an agreement with respect to debt upper limit. But its are in the concession that cuts down the place of field of social welfare defray such as medical treatment to make will make a few assemblyman inside the the Democratic Party malcontent.

To American economy and people, of the agreement reach the risk of break a contact that eliminated American government extremely urgent and the serious consequence that cause possibly from this. To world economy character, xin Yibo finance is queasy and temporary be able to avoid, international investor confidence was not damaged badly.

But to result of this one negotiation, also American people expresses dissatisfaction. Waters says helicopter machinist of 60 years old, beautiful debt problem " should not develop so uncontrollable condition originally " . Re

duce the decision of government spending of 1 trillion dollar 10 years about future, waters says, he expects those who see older rate go up to cut down originally. Other people also expressed similar point of view. A few people gives out relatively positive assessment, but they also feel happy the negotiation ended eventually nevertheless just. The Portland city citizen that Aobama supports all the time before this Mahetuo thinks, aobama is right in the negotiation republic party is concessional and overmuch, and he already transformed at present political footing, henceforth will " object Aobama actively " .

Additional, if the agreement cannot be in (local time) night will obtain congress to pass before 11:59 on August 2 sign with the president, before all effort all one's previous efforts wasted. " the United States signs up for now " say, it whether approval is being won in Boule still is an unknown.


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