TNT commentator Steve Kerr will possibly be doing his last on-air broadcast this weekend before accepting the New York Knicks coaching job. 

That is unless the Warriors fire current coach Mark Jackson and dial up Kerr to fill the position. 

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Kerr is likely to make his final decision on the Knicks coaching decision soon after the weekend, according to a New York Post report. He's delayed making the commitment due to his responsibilities for TNT during the playoffs; he's called games every other day and is known for his extensive research in preparation. 

Though, if the Warriors are bounced from the playoffs in their Game 7 matchup against the Clippers tonight and Jackson is fired, Kerr's attention could turn toward that opening, instead. 

From the Post: 

However, one thing that can derail Kerr’s getting hired by the Knicks is if the Warriors lose their first-round series to the Clippers on Saturday and coach Mark Jackson is let go. Kerr, whose family lives in San Diego, may listen if approached by the Warriors. Kerr is represented by former Jets general manager Mike Tannenbaum.

If the Warriors move on, Kerr and the Knicks are likely to move on to marriage, thanks to president Phil Jackson. After Kerr works the Thunder game, he plans to fly home to San Diego to gather his thoughts for a couple of days and perhaps finalize his decision. His commitment to TNT for the second round is not expec

ted to play a role in Kerr’s timetable, an NBA source said.