Raptors arena officials have pledged that the shot clock in the Air Canada Centre will work when the Toronto takes on the Brooklyn Nets in Game 2 on Tuesday. 

In a written statement, Raptors ownership blamed the outage on a "signal path failure" that also affected the backup clocks. The team said new cables will be installed and inspected by the league before Game 2.

The game was delayed midway through the third quarter when the shot clocks above each basket malfunctioned. Play eventu

ally resumed with both clocks still dark, and the stadium announcer marking the remaining time at 10 seconds, then counting down from five before saying 'Horn' as time expired. The clocks remained inactive for the rest of the game.

"It was definitely tough because you're used to looking up to see the time," DeRozan said. "We just tried to help each other out when the announcer called down from 10 seconds."

It was not the best problem to have with NBA commissioner Adam Silver in town. Obviously, Silver wasn't pleased with the game-altering malfunctions that plagued the flow of the offense and left the door open for critiques and jokes. This was the best of the bunch.  

The Associated Press contributed to this report.