CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- NBA legend Michael Jordan believes he could beat LeBron James in a one-on-one basketball game when he was in his prime.

He's not sure about Kobe Bryant.

In a video promoting the NBA 2K14 video game that is being released today, Jordan said there's a long list of players he would've liked to have played one-on-one — Jerry West, Elgin Baylor, Julius Erving, Carmelo Anthony, Dwyane Wade, Bryant and James, who dons the cover of this year's game.

"I don't think I would lose," Jordan said in the video, before smiling and adding, "Other than to Kobe Bryant because he steals all of my moves."


rdan, a six-time NBA champion and considered by many the greatest basketball player ever, has had a sponsorship deal with 2K Sports since 2011, when he first appeared on the cover of the popular game.

The 50-year-old Jordan, who was a five-time league MVP, also shared the cover in 2012 with Magic Johnson and Larry Bird.

This year will be the first time on the cover for James, a four-time league MVP who has led the Miami Heat to back-to-back NBA championships.

UPDATE: 2K Sports allowed ESPN to air more of their conversation with Jordan on "SportsCenter" and he told a story we wish we could've seen in person about O.J. Mayo of the Milwaukee Bucks.

"In front of my camp, he starts this thing 'You can't guard me, you can't do this,'" Jordan said. "I've got my campers here, so obviously I can't really go where I want to go because of my camp, so I stop the camp, send the kids to bed, and we go back to playing and he starts this whole thing that 'You can't guard me, you can't do this' and finally I said 'Look, you may be the best high school player, but I'm the best player in the world. From this point on it’s a lesson' and from that point on it was a lesson.

"He never won a game. I posted him up. I did everything. If I could ever show you that film ... If you could ever ask him, ask him about the thing that happened at my camp."

UPDATE No. 2: LeBron James has responded, via the Miami Herald.

"It was for my game?" James, who appears on the NBA 2K14 cover, said. "It's a good promotion thing.

"No one will ever see it and it's not going to happen. But it's good for people to talk about ... M.J. said that?"

UPDATE No. 3: And now Kobe Bryant has weighed in, via Twitter, on Jordan saying Kobe has stolen his moves.

UPDATE No. 4: And now 2K Sports has released the full video of Michael Jordan's interviews. Among the highlights, when asked about twerking: "I'm not a Twitterer. I'm not a twerker. I'm not a Facebooker. Nothing. I'm old school. ... What is twerking, by the way?"