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深圳蒲神改名深时代Service of provide for the aged of attention spring city makes happy and senile living

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 Hostage of Sydney horse fourth square hijacks case casualties circumstance: Hijacker and 2 hostage die


Mexican big poison fierces and ambitious Huajin Gusiman is " professional drug trafficking is peddled " , " Forbes " evaluation, if cast aside ethics of heart of clear the way, odd with " the profe

ssion is accomplished " theory, gusimanke calls " not disgrace its name " : Through sea land sky diversification is carried, gu Siman is current already value the cocaine of 19 billion dollar sent American; to be chased nearly 10 years by encircle and suppress of the United States, Mexico, be included list of highest order circularly the arrest of a criminal at large by bureau of American drugs control, money reward of order circularly the arrest of a criminal at large 5 million dollar.

Listed Forbes 2009

Plute a list of names posted up the 701st

Gu Siman this year 56 years old, his " Xinaluoya " the group that peddle poison is active in Mexico tens of year, not only sortie drugs commerce, still be suspected of incident of many deadly experience poisonous force.

Came 2001, gu Siman " Xinaluoya " from the poison of medium dimensions peddles a gang to develop to press the amount that peddle poison to plan in the whole world the group peddling poison of the first of all. Be in the United States " Forbes " magazine in the global plute a list of names posted up 2009, gu Siman ranks the 701st with home of body of 1 billion dollar, discharge in Mexican plute the 10th.

He is returned by " Forbes " include " the whole world has consequence person most " a list of names posted up is odd, the position is before French president and Venezuela president.

After Ben Ladan was shot dead 2011, he is in " Forbes " the whole world in a list of names posted up of 10 old evil person " rising " to the first place. According to statistic, direct or the person that dies on his hand secondhand has 38 thousand about.

The have the aid of he is more than 10 years ago washs clothes car success escape from prison

1993, because of " a person of same business competes " a month is less than after escaping to assassinate, gu Siman is arrested in Puerto Rico, the put in prison that be sentenced 20 years. After sentencing, gu Siman is gone to by move the melon with highest cautionary safety amounts to Mexico Lahala jail, await the United States that be gone to by extradite. Later 6 years, gu Siman lives comfortable life in the jail, enjoy independent room, can drink on whiskey, there still is service of off, Moll on the weekend allegedly.

In January 2001, shortly will be gone to by extradite of the United States several days ago, gu Siman crosses 12 path remote control successfully walk out of in the door, jail from guard forbidding, tibet is washing clothes be off to distant parts in the car. After the event investigates discovery, drag in enters Gusiman in case of escape from prison make together have 87 people at least.

After escape from prison, gu Siman is tracked to escape, change everyday almost mobile phone number, become face-lifting operation even. The report says, want somebody to be able to provide safe shelter ground to him only, he can pay 2 million dollar accommodation cost; has two defence beside him, lining is weapon expert, outer deserve to have advanced communication tool. After this, gu Siman becomes aggravated the gang peddling poison that the ground develops him " Xinaluoya " , more than 10 years it development becomes a group that peddle poison and guilty empire.

"Xinaluoya " force from stannum of Mexican northwest ministry Na Luoya city fluctuates along endless Pacific Ocean coasting outspread, north reachs the United States, guatemala comes south. Classics change trains, the drugs of this group still infiltrates of Europe and Asia " poisonous city " .

13 years after escape from prison, the beetle-crusher savage that Gu Siman resembles is North America is same, ceaseless somebody witnesses his occurrence, however from beginning to end nobody captures " vivid content " . The message of holiday of true true and false lets him become more legend. Last year, the report says he is murdered in Guatemala, but he shows after this again personally somewhere else.

Somebody is returned to be his compose compose a poem to a given tune of ci inside the group that peddle poison, the name is " drugs corridor " , praise him " gallant " .

He instigates " drugs war " already caused death of 38 thousand person

Gu Siman was born in Mexican stannum on April 4, 1957 Ba Di of Na Luoya city pulls melon to hold suburb village in the palm, parental one's own of countryside 8 children, bread hardship. Gu Siman is on the road that peddles poison, likelihood and its father are concerned. Its male parent is place raises bovine specialist, but star-crossed, begin to cultivate opium stealthily.

Gu Siman build is short, only 1.52 meters, because this is called out " a short person " , but he works spell able, be able to bear or endure nimbly suffering, cruel and evil, by Xinaluoya the city peddles poisonous head Aweilaisi to take a fancy to, appoint in order to weigh duty. Later, gu Siman was given the poisonous ambitious with the biggest at that time Mexico by the introduction Jia

laduo, be in charge of adding the content fluid that pulls much drugs empire to fasten by accreditation. After Jialaduo is arrested, gu Siman sat to add the first an ancient folding chair that pulls much drugs empire, overall controls Xinaluoya's drugs to trade.

On September 11, 2004, mexico erupts " drugs war " . That day, a poisonous ambitious accompanies Mexico its wife, taking two children to go into the street shop. They are being returned ambush on manorial road, all get killed. This group of killer serves for Gusiman.

Gu Siman this one gun, broke the group that peddle poison between hundred years will form " each other nonaggression " " the money that earns each each " agreement. From now on, mexico peddles poison blood is smooth between the group rise from all directions. Since December 2006, this " war " had brought about even more 38 thousand person dies. This number exceeded play the murder record that publish. Say from this meaning, gu Siman has this actual strength to become really " global chief criminal " .

Service of provide for the aged of attention spring city makes happy and senile living

The net austral Fujian rolls out special subject report, the form such as to in an attempt to, article, video, show fontal state filling career of neat

provide for the aged is brief board, promotion provide for the aged is


"Who be? Will realize the great undertaking of hoary head? He is Comrade Jin Zhengen, our supreme commander; his love be us, his abhor be us. The revolution of hoary head arms a follow dynast, the leader that the revolution of hoary head arms to accept him only... " in 10 days " labor news " go up, this problem is " revolution arms to accept dynast to lead only " song brought even music score the word to take a full page, and " labor news " have 6 edition only in all. This before today, " labor news " published a problem to be with full page

length " we know you only " song, expression is right " great Comrade Jin Zhengen " support, libretto is written, "Although world-shaking against the wind flies upwards, there are you only in our heart. There are you only in our heart..

10 days, the great sense that Korea

media sends editorial to emphasize enlarged meeting of the Political Bureau of labor the Party Central Committee in succession -- on this meeting that holds in 8 days, zhang Chengze is taken. Committee of standing of top people conference and ministerial mechanism sign up for Korea " democratic Korea " the problem was that day " farther aggrandizement the of one mind of our revolution team unites " company exposition and argumentation, happened to endanger at one of our revolution troop to unite recently turn over incident of party counter-revolutionary faction dangerously extremely, "Zhang Chengze a group by clean up, farther chasteness our revolutionary team. " that day " labor news " also appeal in editorial, "Close together solidarity is all round Comrade Jin Zhengen, the road that faces main body revolution advances courageously " . (Cui Jie of Xiaoda Yang Ming connects Gang Lizhen of king of reporter king Li bark analyse willow is straight)

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