Astronomical phenomena forecas上海龙凤论坛手机版ted in August 2017: Annual is the most dazzling day total ecl全国凤凰楼信息网站ipse and meteor shower take turns appearance

In new network Nanjing electric reporter will learn 1 day from observatory of Zhijinshan of the Chinese Academy of Sciences on August 1, in midsummer of the Northern Hemisphere August is this year the month with global the most wonderful tent, meteor shower of day total eclipse, partial lunar eclipse, Perseus Cygnus meteor shower is great, great wait for astronomy marvellous spectacle to appearance take turns.

Day total eclipse is learned by a lot of astronomy person, have a fever friend regards the most conspicuous astronomical phenomena as one of wonderful scenery. Night will reach Beijing time 22 days on August 21 before dawn, the American people of ocean the other shore has Xing Kexin to admire this 上海千花网论坛one grand astronomical phenomena. What show a regret slightly is, this morrow total eclipse and China have nothing to do.

According to expert introduction, the total eclipse of this morrow total eclipse is taken only then at northeast Pacific Ocean, from American mainland northwest ministry is landed, cross comes southeast ministry, be in finally Atlantic mid end. The longest the Kentucky that sees the eastpart part in feeding a dot to be located in the United States, can s上海龙凤419论坛ee over there be as long as the won上海各区gm资源汇总推荐derful total eclipse of 2 minutes of 40 seconds.

If just miss the opportunity, be about when 2019, 2020 successive two morrow total eclipse. Good observation place all is located in South America, it is Chile and Argenti夜上海论坛网na respectively.

To Ch[......]

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Central observatory: Typhonic Tian Ge causes China this year early-wa上海千花网论坛楼风rning of first oran爱上海贵族宝贝论坛ge typhoon

Beijing of China News Service on August 22 report (reporter Liu Chenyao) in the center of China observatory latest news, day of the 13rd typhoon is columbine this year at 22 days 8 when strengthen for class of strong tropical storm, 10 when the center is located in Chinese Guangdong to visit Zhuhai town east slant southern on the bus channel offing to about 620 kilometers, the biggest wind-force has 10 class near the center.

According to上海千花网论坛 predi上海千花网论坛cting, tian Ge general with horary 20 kilometers come the speed of 25 kilometers to slant on the west boreal direction is mobile, likelihood 23 days day Yu Din上海品茶论坛gcheng period in Guangdong Hui Dong is taken to Yang Jiang land littoral (typhonic class or) of strong typhoon class. To this, central observatory 6 when upgrade typhonic early-warning to orange, and at 10 when release continuously. This is China the early-warning of first typhoon orange since this year.

Suffer its to affect, predict 22 days to come 23 days 爱上海龙凤419论坛by day, face and Taiwan the eastpart part silver coin to the south of channel of the East China Sea, Nanhai, taiwan strait, bus, Taiwan the south in coastal, Fujian will have department of middle east of coastal, Guangdong littoral 7 step come 9 class gale, the wind-force of the maritime space around that day columbine center passes has 10 class to come上海花千坊419 12 class, 13 step come flatus 14 class. Precipitation respect, did not come 24 hours, fujian of Taiwan southeast ministry, short for Zhejiang Pr[......]

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Found an army 90 anniversary money the Bank of China makes an appointment the entrance: Money魔都新茶论坛 founds an army to make an appointment all right in network addres上海龙凤交流s

The the Chinese People's Liberation Army founds an army 90 years double lubricious copper alloy commemorates money general nowadays (24 days) night is open at 0 o'clock make an appointment. Commemorative money denomination 10 yuan, can make an appointment each 40. Citizen today (24 days) can pass APP of bank of website of Construction Bank government, mobile phone and government late small letter channel made an appointment. Found an army 90 anniver新上海龙凤sary money issues 250 million in all, divide wholesale travel, first circulation is 100 million, among them Beijing distributive amount is 6 million. First making an appointment period came at 0 o'clock from August 25 on August 31 at 24 o'clock, change period to came on September 22, 2017 on September 30. The 2nd batch makes an appointment period in November 2017. If won't make an appointment on the line, the citizen still will carry Id to make an appointment early in the morning tomorrow. (Zhang Pinqiu of reporter of Beijing evening paper)

Make an appointment strategy: 2017 found an army 90 anniversary money makes an appointment the entrance: Found an army money books network address (strategy)

Core clew:

Build military discipline to read aloud money denomination 10 yuan, circulation 250 million.

Will reach first on August 31 making an appointment on August 25.

On the net, bar all can make an appointment, his limitation 40.

Will come to will be dealt with on September 30 on September 22 make an appointment change.

Take t[......]

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Print and distribute of the State Council " individual income tax is special and addition上海419验证归来al deduct temporary 上海千花女生自荐measure "

Print and distribute of the State Council " individual income tax is s上海龙凤交流pecial and additional deduct temporary measure "

Beijing of Xinhua News Agency on December 22 electric the State Council a few days ago print and distribute " individual income tax is special and additional deduct temporary measure " (the following abbreviation " method " ) , apply since January 1, 2019.

" method " point out, individual income tax is special and additional deduct, it is the children that shows code of individual income tax is decided education, continue interest of loan of medical treatment of education, a serious illness, housing perhaps lives old person of chummage gold, support 6 special and add deduct. " method "上海千花网论坛 share 9 chapters 32, made clear special and add deduction principle mixes 6 special and add deduction deduction limits, deduct a standard, deduct means, and the content such as safeguard measure.

" method " regulation, taxpayer children teachs level in full-time record of formal schooling (include education of compulsory education, high school level, higher education) defray, and children year come 3 years old completely the defray that preschool education phase is in before elementary scho上海本地龙凤自荐女ol enter a school, taxpayer can choose to press every child every months by one party of husband and wife 1000 yuan are deducted, both sides of husband and wife of optional also choose is deducted 500 yuan every months by every child respectively.

" method " regulation, taxp[......]

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Syria erupts armed forces of large-scale demonstration security fires to the crowd

Syria produces large-scale demonstration 20 numbers again, include southern city heart to pull, mid city Baniyasi makes an appointment with Holmes and upper haven inside more than 10 town happen bleed conflict incident. And was opposite a few days ago in the light of American president Aobama of Syrian condition about make known one's position, syrian respect also undertook denounce. This net will connect a line broadcasting station of China International broadcast is stationed in Fang Wenjun of North Africa reporter, introduce detailed case.

Compere: Introduce Syria many cities 20 demonstration circumstance? Is the conflict case that erupts in parade severe?

Reporter: 20 are on Friday, also be the day of the go to church with most main in a week time Moslem. After week time passes midday, syria many cities erupted large-scale demonstration, include southern city heart to pull not only, mid city Holmes and upper haven the city that frequency of activity of these 3 demonstration sends Baniyasi, and still include capital Damascus suburb to make an appointment with more than 10 town inside. Among them especially heart pull, Holmes and Baniyasi the demonstrate scale of these a few cities is the largest, the amount of demonstrate crowd has thousands of person at least.

Say according to eyewitness, syrian security armed forces is early with respect to be ready in take action, fire a shot to the middle of sky caution. But demonstrate person do not have diffuse. Subsequently secu[......]

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"Peaceful power concept of China and practice " academic 上海龙凤419论坛seminar is 上海后花园held in Nanjing

The peaceful power concept of electric China and practice theory seminar will be in Nanjing of China News Service 11 days on September 11 Nanj上海各区gm资源汇总ing is held. The type of writing of peaceful authority word that the person that attend the meeting initiates compose to build China is.

Cui Yuying of undersecretary of China Communist News Ministry expresses, human rights studies worker wants cogent the understanding that increases pair of peaceful authority value, be good at the advantage of speech of peaceful resource translate into of a China, hard authority word type of writing is the peace that compose establishs China, do what good peace counterpoises actively to announce uprights and explain external.

The Communist Party of China 18 big since, xi Jinping of secretary-general of Central Committee of Communist Party of Chi夜上海最新论坛na adv上海千花网论坛anced the main idea that series develops about Chinese peace, to people understanding and the peace that understand contemporary China power concept is having important and direct sense. Cui Yuying says, the Chinese nation is a nation that loves peace, peace is core value appeals to China civilization beg one of. Come for years, china holds to the peaceful foreign policy that paddle one's own canoe, in the world initiate peaceful coexistence 5 principles, hold high the banner of peace, development, collaboration, win-win, hold to peace to develop way, maintain world peace hard, stimulative each country develops jointly, formed a series o[......]

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Now 上海龙凤后花园domestic new上海后花园论坛s

Let masses send deficient due to illness no longer -- Jiangxi executive health helps deficient project on-the-spot report

Let masses send deficient Jiangxi to carry out on-the-spot record of the healthy project that help deficient up due to illness no longer [the area of poverty of 5 years of deepness that encourage act vigorously enters takes off deficient assault fortified positions acting] Liu Guan of reporter of data chart China News Service closes photograph this year summer. . .

2017-09-15 09:58 origin: ? Felt of pa上海本地龙凤自荐女y evil spirit?
Environmental protection ministry will hope to Beijing ferry air pollution administers action of assault fortified positions integratedly to spread out go on a tour of inspection

Environmental protection ministry will develop Beijing ferry look forward to and circumjacent area since 15 days 2017 to air pollution administered Qiu Dong season integratedly 2018 go on a tour of inspection of action of assault fortified positions works, make season of good Qiu Dong with all one's strength air pollution prevention and cure works, hit good blue sky to guard battle stoutly. . .

2017-09-15 09:49 origin: ? Salary  ?
Chongqing 5 municipal Party committee are first-run and perambulatory finish garrison means of perambulatory group connection is announced

Chongqing daily message, recently, 5 municipal Party committee are first-run and perambulatory start, 9 perambulatory groups garrison municipal Party committee respectively 9 states leve[......]

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Ka Zafei is pointed to to give orders to offer the medicine that urge affection to urge rape woman to the soldier

Login register text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian to block Za Fei to be pointed to to give orders to offer the medicine that urge affection to encourage: of rape woman origin to the soldier? ?2011-06-11 10:5 of Qu Xi of inclined  of O Kang border4 Http://www.mnw.cn/

The experience that Ao Beidi of Libyan woman Yi Man rapes to foreign reporter him complain tearfully by the soldier.

Attorney general of international criminal court admits 8 days, investigation personnel is checking Libyan government army incident of collective rape woman. He says, a few evidence make clear, libyan leader Muamaierkazafei gives orders " 10 thousand Ai Ke kind medicaments " offer a soldier, "Encourage " collective rape opposition is feudal the woman inside.

Does Ka Zafei regard a weapon as the rape?

Ao Kanbo is in Nuo of Mo Lai of attorney general Louis 8 days headquarters of new York U.N. reports Sudan Da Erfu Er to U.N. Security Council the investigation of relevant judicatory problem, hold a press conference subsequently, release investigation is Libyan the progress that governmental army collective rapes woman incident.

He tells media the reporter, inquisitor office is in collect evidence. Existing evidence looks, investigation personnel " more believe firmly " Kazafei " use rape serves as penalty (opposition is feudal inside) the woman's weapon " .

Time of hair of collective rape case is since this year Libyan queasy phase, crime scene dot is loca[......]

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9 Korea person flees by ship Korea Korea asks its remand (graph)

Login register text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian does 9 Korea person flee by ship does Korea Korea ask its remand (graph) origin: ? ?2011-06-20 03:0 of Qu Xi of inclined  of O Kang border0 Http://www.mnw.cn/

Person of these two Korea takes similar boat to arrive at Korea. (data picture)

Occupy Red Cross of Korea of report of Xinhua News Agency 17 days to express, to was being crossed a few days ago " northward borderline " the problem of remand of 9 Korea dweller that enters Korea a side, comply with they themselves apiration processing.

Korea Red Cross says in sending face square text that day, han Fang concerns the basis sectional findings, affirm whether resident of these 9 Korea wants " come over and pledge allegiance " , undertake handling according to oneself free apiration.

According to Korea government concerned personage discloses, this 9 people are two families respectively, investigate a proof, they for " come over and pledge allegiance " , made careful preparation beforehand.

Media of Korea much home rep上海千花网论坛orts 15 days, 2 3 men that come from Korea, women and 4 children arrive at the Niu Dao near the island that delay level ground 11 days by the boat, express to be willing " come over and pledge allegiance " . Korea united a ministry to confirm this one information subsequently. Korea Red Cross issues phone advice note 16 days, requirement Han Fang Li namely remand this 9 people.

This is when lie between 4 many months t[......]

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He believes a little sister to be close to Thailand constituency speech to stir say of short duration does not talk about amnesty

Login register text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian does he believe a little sister to be close to Thailand constituency speech to stir say of short duration does not talk about amnesty origin: ? ?2011-06-27 23:2 of Qu Xi of inclined  of O Kang border9 Http://www.mnw.cn/

He believes Thailand ex-premier

14 days, ying Luhuai holds the proponent's child in the arms to also pull a province to undertake helping ticket activity in the south.

On June 15, ying Lu chooses the gesture that mark sex makes on assembly in contest. This enters into an election contest on behalf of its register number 1, allude her hopeful the chief female prime minister that becomes Thailand history to go up.

"If you love my elder brother, can you give his little sister a chance? Can you give his little sister a chance??

"Can! "Can!!

One asking and the other answering, the stage appears on the stage to fall, call applause, as one falls.

Those who stand in the ask a question on the stage is Ying Luxi covers with tiles then, her elder brother is Thailand ex-premier he believes Xinawa.

Thailand will hold congress commons election on July 3. She is in every time " the party that it is peaceful " with red unlined upper garment army on domain to constituency people when throwing away this question, they cast the answer that those who come over is call and applause and affirmation " meeting " .

For a time the Ying Lu of political field of have not sortie just is like[......]

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